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Vitamin deficiency is defined hypovitaminosis and occurs when vitamins are present in insufficient or scarce quantities in the body, or even avitaminosi when one or more specific vitamins are completely absent. Let's find out the symptoms, causes and how to cure it through nutrition.

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Symptoms of vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiency can cause disorders or diseases of various types and entities. Vitamins are in fact important for the balance and health of man in all his age groups, as they strengthen the body and protect it.

With vitamins, therefore, we must be careful: they must not be either in excess or in defect. In an overall picture, it can be said that:

vitamin A is responsible for the protection of skin and hair,

vitamin B for the proper functioning of the metabolism,

vitamin C for the maintenance of the organism and its protection,

vitamin D to the bones,

vitamin E is antioxidant,

vitamin K acts as a regulator of blood functions.

I symptoms of their deficiency range from the weakening of the external parts of the body, such as skin aging, the view which becomes more and more blurred, i hair that fall, i teeth and nails that break or fall apart, up to the loss of functionality of some important organs and systems of the body.

These may include damage to the cardiovascular system, basal metabolism, protein production and the balance of cholesterol and fat use in the body. An important deficiency of vitamins therefore also causes imbalances in the nervous system, liver and causes one tissue degeneration. They can still develop cardiovascular pathologies, arteriosclerosis, cerebral stroke and myocardial infarction.


Vitamins and their properties


The causes of vitamin deficiency

The causes of vitamin deficiency can be many. Depending on the type of vitamin called upon, there may be causes related to nutrition, but also pathologies or particular disorders connected with their absorption.

In many countries, as in the country in recent times, more and more people have increased their consumption of pre-cooked, frozen and frozen, refined, processed, added foods, which contain high levels of calories, fat and protein, but are often low in vitamins. . This could be another cause of their deficiency.

Vitamins also decrease due to their increased and sudden need, as happens for example in pregnancy, or by the presence of intestinal changes which prevent its absorption, as in the case of some pathologies.

Also 'alcoholism it can be a cause of vitamin deficiency. Usually, the administration of doses of the vitamin, through food or temporarily through the controlled intake of specific supplements, is sufficient to eliminate the symptoms.


Lack of vitamins and nutrition

A balanced and varied diet, which includes vegetables and fruits consumed daily, whole foods, cereals and vegetable oils ensures a correct supply of vitamins and nutrients. Even foods such as seeds and nuts, which do not appear so often on the tables of el paeseni, are to be considered excellent vitamin supplements.

The consumption of animal meat increases the vitamin presence; in vegetarian and vegan diets it is essential to know the food well in order to integrate, through the variety of products and their combination, the correct daily intake of vitamins, necessary to avoid deficiencies. Even for those suffering from celiac disease or with particular pathologies, the observance of a specific diet is very important.

THEolive oil, fresh green leafy vegetables, milk and derivatives, eggs they are vitamin compounds equally fundamental for the organism.



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