Vitamin C against free radicals

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Vitamin C has the particularity of to raise its level in the body already shortly after its intake, to make him reach the climax in a short time, and then descend quickly. For the level to remain relatively constant, vitamin C must be introduced at short and regular intervals.

The decisive influence of vitamin C on lymphocytes, the body's second line of defense, has been demonstrated by recent medical studies: even in lymphocytes the level of vitamin C is very high.

when the lymphocytes they are stimulated to oppose resistance to pathogens, they develop a very intense activity, during which they consume the vitamin C stored in them very quickly. If even in this case a critical limit is exceeded for which a deficiency of vitamin C occurs, the lymphocytes become increasingly weak and lose their effectiveness, until they die from a lack of this vitamin. Thus, the second line of defense of the body is also so weakened that the pathogens have a good game.


The care of lemons

To strengthen the immune system and fill up on Vitaminc C, you could take the lemon cure twice a year to 6 settimane. The most suitable periods areautunno and spring. In doing so you will effectively prevent colds before the cold and wet season. In spring, the care provides new energy and prepares pale skin for the sun.

However, nothing prevents you from taking the cure when you have the feeling that your immune system is weakened.

Remember that if you put the lemon juice in the bottle it must be dark, so as to protect the lemon juice from damage caused by light.


Taken from the book La cura del Limone - Macro Edizioni


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