Vitamin B12: when to take it and dosage

Vitamin B12: when to take it and dosage

Vitamin B12 it is a component of group B which is fundamental for our well-being it is only introjected through food.

In diets that provide for a limited amount of foods of animal origin or totally exclude them such as vegetarian and vegan it is important to pay close attention and take care of their integration.


The functions of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B 12, also referred to as Cobalamine for his atomic component of cobalt; it is a water-soluble vitamin that is not synthesized by our body and must necessarily be introduced from the outside.

Here are the main functions:

  • Participate in the training of Red blood cells and their development
  • Share over there synthesis of DNA and RNA and the formation of white blood cells, for the strengthening of our immune system. 
  • Share over there synthesis of myelin, protective sheath of nervous structures 
  • Together with vitamin B9, balances homocysteine ​​levels, an amino acid present in the blood which, if in excess, can seriously damage our cardiovascular system


Where is Vitamin B12 found?


Food and Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is contained in meat, fish, milk, dairy products and eggs; some vegetables show traces of it, which can however be dispersed by washing and cooking; it is therefore important to integrate it if some protein elements have been eliminated from our diet.

On the market we can find supplements, generally of the B complex, in which in addition to vitamin B12 it is also supplied the vitamin B9 we know as folic acid.

There are also foods specially enriched with vitamin B12, defined fortified, in which the added values ​​are indicated.


Vitamin B12 requirement

Beyond vegetarians and vegans, there may be Vitamin B12 deficiencies even in subjects who do not follow particular diets, simply because they exist absorption problems due either to pharmacological treatments in progress or to the lack of a protein that is produced by the stomach, essential for the synthesis and absorption of this important vitamin.

It is therefore always necessary to investigate with specific blood tests and contact your doctor for proper integration.

But what is the daily requirement of Vitamin B12? According to ministerial indications the daily allowance is 2,5 micrograms (NRV).

In case of pregnancy or in deficit nell'elderly Medical consultation is recommended because the necessary doses may be higher.


The vitamin B12 supplement: how and when to take it


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