Vision board for the achievement of objectives

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Vision board for the achievement of objectives

Creating a vision board with ideas, goals and photos of what you want is an ideal strategy to achieve what you set out to do. The mind often uses the visual to motivate itself, and vision boards stand out as an engaging resource.

Last update: May 26, 2022

Vision boards are used in many companies to clarify ideas, chart paths and achieve goals. On a personal level, this strategy can be very stimulating and useful to reflect, motivate and inspire us day by day.

Likewise, it's simple and inexpensive - we'll just need a few post-its, magazine clippings, scissors, markers, and a wall or chalkboard.

In this present where technology determines work and communication, it is good to recover paper and pencil. The joint hand-eye work has a greater impact on the brain. It makes each task more meaningful and takes on greater emotional intensity.

Vision boards invite us to dream and plan. They activate the imagination and encourage us to set goals in a clearer, more reasoned and innovative way.

"Everything you can imagine is real."

-Pablo Picasso-

What does a vision board consist of?

Vision boards abound in many work environments. We are also used to seeing them in crime series too, where the protagonists try to find connections between victims, clues and timelines. They are also used by writers to clarify plots and outline characters.

It should be noted, however, that many people use them incorrectly. They fail to achieve the purpose for which they were designed, as they do not adopt a very basic set of strategies. The purpose of vision boards is to clarify a goal, inspire, motivate and foster creative thinking.

Like everything in life, you need a plan and proper organization. Likewise, it should be remembered that psychology sees vision boards as a very useful therapeutic tool.

The research study conducted at Marshall University, Virginia, shows that they are very useful in helping patients establish and visualize their goals.

Vision boards have nothing to do with the law of attraction. It's not about visualizing something to make it happen. The aim is to stimulate the mind to think about tasks and strategies with which to make one's dreams come true.

In what situations can we use them?

Vision boards adapt to many scenarios, not just the business one. The purpose is use visualization so that the person feels inspired and stimulated to think about new ideas and trace paths with which to achieve their personal goals. They are therefore useful in the following scenarios:

  • Personal development, to outline our life goals and what we want in the short and long term.
  • Professional advancement.
  • Health and wellness. For example, to set sports goals or improve your diet to lose weight or reduce cholesterol.
  • Economics. Vision boards allow us to establish strategies to save.

How to get an effective vision board?

We emphasize once again that vision borders need to be properly crafted to be useful. Because this strategy is not just about seeing post-its with motivational phrases and beautiful photographs, but rather must be able to stimulate the mente.

More to be exact, it must favor concentration, inspiration and motivation to achieve. For this purpose, a series of guidelines must be considered:

  • Personal values: what matters to me in life? What is it that gives it meaning? How would I like my life to be?
  • Think about what motivates us every day.
  • Clarify priorities.
  • Evaluate possible changes.
  • Decide what you want to achieve in the short or long term.
  • Look for color images that represent the goal and paste them on a panel, chalkboard or wall.
  • Reflect on the strategies that will lead to the goals through the post-its. You can add drawings or images or include motivational words, such as "courage", "hope", "I'm not giving up", "I'll make it", etc.
  • Place the visual border where it is visible every day.

Vision boards can include quotes or phrases that move us and instill courage and strength in us.


Last but not least, there is an essential fact to keep in mind about vision boards: they can and must be transformed from time to time by including new strategies to achieve the objectives.

The mind must feel inspired and motivated by the sight of the images, post-its and sentences found on the vision board. The ultimate goal is to develop valid and innovative paths to achieve what we have set ourselves.

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