Vibrating Platform | It works? Benefits And Contraindications

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By healthiergang writer Francesca Rizzi, chemistry student and fitness enthusiast.

Vibrating Platform

In many gyms it happens to see vibration plates, but not everyone is familiar with these tools and they know what benefits they could bring to our body if used correctly.

First of all it should be specified that this, among all the tools that are in the gym, is the one for which more studies have been made and very in-depth research has been carried out to improve the effects of vibration on the human body.

Vibrant Po Valley have been around for about 25 years, and over time they have seen exceptional development and technological improvement. The effect of vibrations on the body has instead been studied since the XNUMXs, when the benefits they are able to bring in the medical - rehabilitation, fitness and health in general fields were noted for the first time.

The basic idea from which everything started is to reproduce the vibrations to which our body is constantly exposed: even when we walk, we place one foot on the ground, our whole body is subjected to these vibrations, which are transmitted by the foot. through the leg, back up to the neck, with great benefits for the skeletal - muscular system.

Just think that the first vibrating platforms were used in space by Russian astronauts: thanks to the stimuli they gave to the muscles, three times as many Americans were able to stay in orbit, who instead had to return to Earth due to damage to the muscular system. and skeletal.

How does it work?

The vibrating platform is absolutely not to be confused with electrostimulation or passive gymnastics: what the muscle does is not passively undergo vibrations, but reacts actively to external stimuli and works.

The cardiovascular system and muscles do more and more intense work than when any cardio or weightlifting exercise is performed.

It is possible to perform very short exercises, but of very high intensity: the vibration stimulates the muscles, which contract and relax involuntarily up to 50 times per second, ten times as much as when practicing cardio exercises at very high intensity.

These contractions are a progressive adaptation of the brain to the external situation and the consequence is a neuroregenerating effect, i.e. the brain returns to a healthier state of functionality.

Training on the vibrating platform not only improves our well-being in the muscles, but also influences the release of some hormones that give a feeling of well-being and increase the basal metabolism.

The vibration plate is able to tone all the muscles of the body, but it is not able to train the heart muscle, so it is not a real substitute for cardio training.

What Exercises Can You Do?

Vibration training works best when the user of the platform is in a vertical position, but to prevent vibrations from reaching the head, it is necessary to take care of the joint angulation, so that they are muffled and do not give the annoying effect of resonance and buzz. in the ears.

It is therefore necessary to avoid fully extending the joints.

The average time a training session should have is 20-25 minutes, including breaks. Each training cycle lasts one minute of vibration and one minute of rest.

To stimulate the muscles on the vibration plate, there are many exercises. Usually with the purchase a booklet is provided by the manufacturer in which all the positions that can be taken to work certain muscle groups are illustrated.

Squat: stand up, with your feet resting well on the platform shoulder-width apart, flex your knees slightly and keep your back straight. The more you flex your knees, the more your back, buttocks and legs will be strengthened.

Lunges: Place one foot in the center of the plate and the other on the back, on the ground. Keep your back straight. You will feel tension on the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes.

Push up: kneel in front of the platform, place your hands on the platform, opening them to the same width as the shoulders. Keep your back straight and do push-ups. Thus, the pectoral, back and triceps muscles can be strengthened.

Function Against Cellulite?

There are studies that have shown the effectiveness of the vibration plate in slimming. In fact, there is an increase in caloric expenditure of 20% and in the basal metabolism equal to 15% which lasts for 6-8 hours after the vibratory stimulus.

After weeks of using this tool, muscle tone and lean mass increase, which leads to a stable increase in basal metabolic rate.

The muscle stimulated with the platform is firmed, and consequently water retention and cellulite decrease. In addition, the platform stimulates vasodilation and circulation, having a draining effect.

Other Benefits of the Platform

  • Slimming: Helps in weight loss. Thanks to the oscillations, the production of hormones that stimulate lipolysis is induced, reducing adipose mass.
  • Reduction of back pain: in this case it would be advisable to consult a doctor to understand if the pains are compatible with the benefits of vibrations, otherwise you risk worsening the situation.
  • Maximal strength improvement.
  • Improvement of explosive strength.
  • Improvement of respiratory capacity.
  • Improvement in the synthesis of some hormones.


There are cases in which it is necessary to seek advice from the doctor before using the platform.

The platform itself would have no side effects, problems arise when it is used incorrectly.

By practicing too long workouts, you can feel a sense of NAUSEA because the balance organs are subjected to a situation of instability for a long time.

In addition, the platform causes immediate vasodilation and a consequent drop in the level of carbohydrates, so (especially if you have not eaten enough food before) you risk fainting.

If the correct posture is not maintained, the vibrations are transmitted to the head, creating a situation of discomfort.

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