Via the snacks from the distributors of the schools

    Via the snacks from the distributors of the schools

    by Oscar Puntel

    A bill calls for a ban, come on distributors automatic snacks, sweets, bags of chips. In their place: fresh, dried fruit and yogurt.

    "Via the junk food, junk food from all places frequented by young people, therefore especially from schools: young people must be taught to eat healthy and to appreciate the genuine flavors of food, not the typical artifacts of pre-packaged products ", he explains. Umberto D'Ottavio, first signatory of the text, which in October will be analyzed in the Social Affairs Committee in the Chamber.


    The central point of the bill is the prohibition to administer to minors, through vending machines "food and drinks containing a high total intake of saturated fatty acids, of trans fatty acids, of simple added sugars, sodium, nitrites and nitrates used as additives, sweeteners, theine, caffeine, taurine and other substances ". What are these" other substances "and what is the limit of this" high contribution ", everything will have to be established by a specific panel of experts. The ban will affect all public places, where the presence of minors is expected.


    «It is well known», adds Umberto D'Ottavio «that changes in lifestyles, such as dietary changes, are more easily obtained by intervening in childhood and with the help of school and family. Institutions must give a concrete message that is consistent with what is preached at conferences on healthy eating ».

    The proposal starts from hundreds of local initiatives developed, sometimes by individual schools, on the "healthy snacks" of recreation, with local authorities involved in free supplies to pupils. «We start from those single experiences, however standardize and extend to everyone the concept that healthy food must enter our children's backpacks, whether they bring it from home or buy it from the school machines, explains Umberto D'Ottavio.


    "We have already met the representatives of the agricultural supply chain and they are happy to be able to include their local products, such as fruit juices, yogurt and dried fruit and fresh fruit", adds D'Ottavio. “We are still dealing with the association of distributors, therefore with those who manage the "vending machines": for them the preservation system of very fresh products is complicated, however they showed availability.

    The idea of ​​“banning something” is always very strong, but I'm sure a compromise will be found. It is a question of putting at the center and homogeneously implementing the objectives of healthy eating and the fight against childhood obesity throughout the country. It is no longer a question of individual territories or realities: it becomes everyone's project ».

    August 25th, 2016

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