Vegetarians beware! 7 common foods where animal fats hide

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When a person decides to become vegetarian, choosing this type of power not only for a nutritionist but also ethical discourse, you are aware that it is not at all a question of eliminating just one hamburger or one too many ragù from your diet. Being vegetarian is also, above all, a philosophy of life that also implies eliminating all those products that require the presence of parts of the animal, including the fat.

In fact, vegetarians - even if they have not embraced the choice of totally eliminating animal proteins like vegans (thus keeping milk and egg derivatives in their diet) - certainly will not like to eat without their knowledge. fats deriving directly from killing the animal (and moreover saturated).

What not everyone knows, however, is that many common foods, apparently veg-friendly, actually contain animal fats. Here you are, therefore, 7 "Enemies" of the vegetarian diet that you would never have said contain this type of elements.


Il animal rennet it is used in the production of many types of different cheeses. What is animal rennet? It's a coagulant enzyme extracted from the stomach of a freshly slaughtered calf. Be careful, this does not mean that you will have to continue your life without cheese. Simply buy vegetarian cheeses, that is, those that replace this substance, microbial and fungal enzymes. In this blog there is, for example, an updated list of cheeses without animal rennet.


Didn't you ever think that behind the five o'clock tea with pastries there might be something that had to do with a pig? Strange but true! Many desserts are prepared with lard: fat extracted from the abdomen or kidneys from the pink animal mammal par excellence. Also in this case eye to the label. And to be one hundred percent sure you could try to cook them yourself, perhaps following the recipe of vegan cookies.

Loaf bread

Lard is also one of the basic ingredients of various types of packaged bread, especially the one in boxes or so-called bread, so pay attention also to the sandwiches. But so much us to the fragrance of fresh bread, maybe bought still hot from the baker downstairs, we can't give up, right? Or maybe yes, for the one done directly by us!

Chewing gum

From now on, whenever you are about to discard a chewing gum, know that some brands on the market have among the ingredients: lanolin (deriving from the sheep's fleece), stearic acid and glycerin. All made up of animal fats from which candles are made, among other things. If you don't want to take the risk, therefore, of finding them under your teeth, get well informed. And maybe wait for the arrival in your country of the chica, chewing gum made from the bark of Mexican Sapodilla trees which is also biodegradable.

Packet of French fries

This snack is also not immune to some animal contamination. Many of the brands of chips, before they end up in the bag, wet the potato with the tallow. a membranous tissue fat present in cattle.


Opting for margarine instead of butter, thus thinking of not coming into contact with animal fats, is the most wrong thing because tallow also hides here. To be sure then what's better than a very good one organic extra virgin olive oil?


Believe it or not, but some types of candies are also to be banned from a vegetarian's diet. They contain, in fact, the stearico. An animal fat also derived from tallow.

From now on, and this doesn't just apply to vegetarians, read the label carefully and always read up on what you eat. Even the most harmless of foods, as we have seen, can give you some very unpleasant surprises.

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