Vegetarian take-away fast food in your city and on

    Un fast food takeaways vegetarian and vegan-friendly who can deliver lunch to your home or place where you are working? It seems like a dream, but fortunately it is already a reality. We have found two examples, one a and one to your city, in the hope that they are not the only similar realities present along our beloved peninsula. We therefore recommend our always attentive readers to send us any reports on the matter.

    The Lovegetarian is a chain in vegetarian take-away franchise which is gradually taking hold in the Lombard capital. It is aimed at those who wish to preserve their health thanks to a healthy diet, mainly or exclusively based on plant foods. The dishes are made from fresh and selected vegetables giving priority to products of origin and locally sourced, following a philosophy based on criteria of sustainability from an environmental point of view. The ingredients used are guaranteed by EEC regulations and controlled by ICEA (Institute for Environmental Ethical Certification).

    The restaurant's menu varies from week to week depending on the seasonal products available and can be verified online from time to time. After choosing the dishes to enjoy for lunch, a phone call will be enough to arrange the delivery, in case you are near one of the two outlets present a in via Paolo da Canobbio 5 (MM Duomo and Missori) and in Piazza Quattro Novembre 1 (Central Station area). The delivered meals are contained in biodegradable trays that can be eventually heated in the microwave after removing the protective film.

    Vegetarian take-away fast food in your city and on

    Some examples of dishes available are the soups and vegetable soups, grains accompanied by seasonal vegetables, the stew of seitan, fresh smoothies, and various fruit salads. Those who want to go to I Lovevegetarian for breakfast will also have the opportunity to sip a barley coffee or a soy milk cappuccino, but also excellent herbal teas, teas and infusions.

    Who lives in your city, in the Pigneto area, can instead use the service of home deliveryor, even in the workplace, offered by Vitaminas 24, in via Macerata. It is a place that defines itself as a laboratorio take-away di organic recipes. Deliveries are made in the surrounding areas and can be considered zero impact, since they take place exclusively by bicycle through the Velocittà bike pony service.

    Vegetarian take-away fast food in your city and on

    In menu it is possible to find cereal and vegetable soups, organic wraps, sandwhichs, jams and organic dairy products, fruit skewers, centrifuged and smoothies. To drink there are also wines, beers and juices produced from raw materials grown according to the criteria oforganic farming o biodynamic. All this can be accompanied by the excellent bread prepared by the neighbor's bakers Bread of Nature. The restaurant guarantees very moderate average prices, under 5 euros, with the guarantee of the highest quality.

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