Vegetarian savory pies: 10 recipes for the summer

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Le savory pies they are an excellent solution to use vegetables in the kitchen making them tastier for everyone, especially for children who sometimes don't like them very much. You can prepare them at home with seasonal ingredients.

Now that it's summer, make room for zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, peas and eggplants. So you can make different savory pies to take with you to the beach, for a picnic, to the park and for a packed lunch in any destination of your holidays.

1) Savory pie with courgettes and potatoes

Here is a useful recipe for you to prepare in a very simple way and in a short time a savory pie with zucchini and potatoes with spelled flour base and filling with homemade pesto starting from fresh basil that you can collect directly from your garden for a truly authentic taste. Here the complete recipe.

2) Savory pie with peas and cumin seeds

If you are lucky enough to collect gods fresh peas from your garden, or to buy them at the farmer's market, here is a greedy and original idea to insert them in a savory preparation to be served as an appetizer or to enrich a second dish. You will enrich it in flavor with caraway seeds, to be purchased in grocery stores or herbalists. THU the complete recipe.

3) Savory pie with courgette flowers

Thanks to this vegetarian recipe you can prepare a rustic with courgette flowers to be filled with mozzarella, ricotta, robiola, grated parmesan and eggs. Salt and pepper, if you like, you will need to flavor. For the base of the cake you can use shortcrust pastry, or a homemade pastry. THU the complete recipe.

4) Green cake with rice and spinach

This traditional low cost recipe involves the use of lard among the ingredients, but to obtain a vegetarian version of green cake with rice and spinach you can simply omit this ingredient or replace it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to season and flavor the filling. THU the complete recipe.

5) Savory pie with basil and saffron shortcrust pastry

This quiche is a real quiche, a French-inspired recipe with homemade basil and saffron shortcrust pastry. To prepare the vegetarian quiche with basil and saffron shortcrust pastry among other things, you will be served aubergines, courgettes and peppers, typical ingredients of the summer season. Here the complete recipe.

6) Potato and agretti tart (gluten-free recipe)

La potato tart with agretti it is a very tasty vegetarian second course, perfect to be consumed both warm and at room temperature. With a delicate taste, the potato tarts with agretti is in fact a valid gluten-free alternative to the classic savory pies, usually prepared with brisee or puff pastry. Due to the ingredients that compose it, this dish can also be served as a single dish, or if cut into small squares, it can be an excellent course to include in a finger buffet. Easy to perform, potato tart with agretti can be prepared even a few hours in advance, and then be reheated before being served; otherwise you can cook the potatoes and agretti in advance, and then later assemble everything for cooking in the oven. Here you will find the complete recipe.

7) Savory pie with zucchini and rocket

Among the ingredients to prepare your savory pies, in addition to the classic courgettes, you can include rocket, to be collected directly in your garden, if you have the possibility. You will give the savory pie an extra touch of flavor. Here is one vegetarian recipe to prepare the savory pie with zucchini and rocket. THU the complete recipe.

Light salted donut with vegetables

The savory cimabellone with seasonal vegetables is perfect to serve cold, to take to the office and even to the beach. Prepared with type 2 flour, without added fats and with seasonal vegetables, the light salted donut with vegetables is moist and soft. This vegetarian dish does not contain lactose and it is obviously suitable for those with intolerances or allergies to this food and its derivatives. THU the complete recipe.

Savory pie with cherry tomatoes and onions

The protagonists of this recipe to prepare an excellent savory pie at home are the Cherry tomatoes and Tropea onions. The Una Donna blog suggests using sheep's milk ricotta for the filling. Those who are vegan could try to replace it with tofu and modify the recipe according to their needs, take inspiration from this idea to use the cherry tomatoes for the preparation of a savory pie. Here the complete recipe.

Savory pie with aubergines and mozzarella

The Tavolartegusto cookbook offers a very original version of the aubergine quiche in a vegetarian key. The preparation is enriched with mozzarella. You will have to brown the aubergines in a pan together with the cherry tomatoes to obtain a summer filling with which to fill a puff pastry base. THU the complete recipe.

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