Vegetarian roast: 10 tasty alternative recipes

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Look for aalternative to meat and the classic roast? Prepare a homemade vegetarian roast, based on vegetables and legumes, is a real satisfaction. You can follow one of the recipes that we suggest and vary them according to your tastes and the ingredients available from season to season.

The most classic vegetarian roast is based on seitan, but by using vegetables, legumes and chickpea flour to bind the mixture, you can obtain a vegetarian roast suitable even for those who cannot consume foods that contain gluten.

Here are some ideas for the preparation of the vegetarian roast from which you can take inspiration.

Roast seitan

You can get a seitan roast from homemade seitan. After cooking the seitan in vegetable broth, as usual, you can transfer it to the oven or slice it thinly to make it crunchy in a pan. In both cases, cooking must continue until the external part of the seitan is browned, which you can brush with extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of soy sauce. Prepare the classic seitan roast accompanying it in cooking with potatoes e rosemary.

Vegetarian meatloaf with homemade worcester sauce

You can prepare a vegetarian meatloaf based on potatoes and lentils, flavored with a homemade Worcester sauce and accompanied with seasonal vegetables, such as broccoli, to which you can also add carrots and onion. Follow the complete recipe here.

Vegetarian roast with lentils and dried fruit

Le lentils they are a perfect base for preparing a vegetarian roast. In fact, they lend themselves to being blended with ingredients such as walnuts and hazelnuts, to obtain a really tasty result, all flavored with herbs in your city. The basic preparation is similar to that of vegetable burgers, but you will give the mixture a shape that resembles the classic roast as much as possible, wrapping it with parchment paper. You will need to cook the roast until golden brown. Follow here the complete recipe.

Roast cabbage and mushrooms

The vegetarian roast can be a truly original dish and include among its ingredients seasonal products such as savoy cabbage and mushrooms, but also garlic, dried fruit, eggs and cheeses. At the base of this preparation we find the cooked cereals (for example barley or rice) to be combined with the other ingredients to complete the preparation of the roast. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian roast with beans and peas

For the basic dough of your vegetarian roast you can use beans e peas. If they are dry, you will have to let them soak for at least 8 hours, so you can cook and blend them with the other ingredients, including parsley, onion, kernels of nine, chickpea flour, breadcrumbs and herbs in your city. THU recipe.

Vegetarian roast with ricotta and spinach

Here is an idea suitable for those who love pairing ricotta cheese e spinach. With these ingredients you can prepare a vegetarian roast. In addition to ricotta and spinach, you will need eggs, breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, smoked scamorza cheese and chopped pistachios to give an extra touch to your dish. THU recipe.

Vegetarian roast with peppers

I pepperoni they will be a useful ingredient to make your vegetarian roast even tastier. You can combine them with onions, carrots, leeks, celery and mushrooms in the preparation of your vegetarian roast. You will also need grated aged cheese or Cheddar and a large egg lightly beaten. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian roast with mushrooms and nuts

The blog The Cooking Sisters proposes a very interesting recipe for preparing a vegetarian roast based on mushrooms and nuts. Among the ingredients indicated for the preparation we also find steamed chestnuts. You can eventually replace them with soaked and boiled dried chestnuts or with steamed potatoes. For an extra touch of flavor: a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with truffles. Follow here the complete recipe.

Vegetarian roast with tomatoes and courgettes

A vegetarian roast for every season. In this case, during thesummer, we can prepare a vegetarian roast enriched with tomatoes e zucchini, using a base of boiled chickpeas. This preparation has a spicy touch, as it involves the use of a spicy sauce based on red peppers and chillies: the salsa harissa. Here the complete recipe.

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Vegetarian roast with chickpeas and cabbage

The last recipe we suggest involves using the savoy cabbage or cabbage for the home cooking of a vegetarian roast. You will also need gods boiled chickpeas, two shallots and some onions. You will have to cook and blend all the ingredients, with the addition of some walnuts or hazelnuts. When you have obtained a homogeneous and compact mixture, you can wrap it with baking paper and cook it on a baking sheet until golden brown. THU the complete recipe.


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