Vegetarian recipes: 10 dishes that prove that the meat-free diet isn't boring at all

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La Vegetarian diet it is not boring at all, on the contrary it is very varied and offers always different ingredients. Vegetarians are lucky because your country's cuisine is full of dishes suitable for them or easily adaptable and vegetarian recipes already according to tradition.

Think of the classic spaghetti with tomato sauce, pasta with pesto, chickpea farinata, potato gnocchi, baked aubergines and legume or vegetable soups. Starting from these ideas you can prepare always different vegetarian recipes according to the seasons and for all tastes.

We have prepared one for you collection of vegetarian recipes which will be very useful to enrich your usual menu or to amaze family and friends during an invitation to lunch or dinner at your home. Here are many vegetarian recipes to inspire you.

Vegetarian lasagna

Prepare the vegetarian lasagna it's really that simple. In fact, there are numerous alternative ingredients to the classic meat sauce. For example, you could prepare lasagna with pesto, or with tomato and aubergine sauce, or with mushrooms with homemade bechamel sauce, with pumpkin or zucchini depending on the season. THU the recipes from which to draw inspiration.

Vegetarian cereal salad

Are you looking for alternatives to the classic summer rice salad? Then the time has come to go and discover the varied world of alternative cereals to rice or wheat but also quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth. You can dress your cereal salads with always different seasonal vegetables and legumes. THU many recipes.

Timbale of eggplant and bulgur

A light and tasty recipe, the eggplant and bulgur timbale is a valid alternative to the classic recipe for eggplant parmigiana. You can grill the aubergines and to give a personal touch to this recipe you can possibly flavor the bulgur even with vegan béchamel, or if you do not follow a particular dietary regime you can also add mozzarella or smoked scamorza. Here is the recipe to follow step by step.

Vegetarian Sushi

You can prepare the Vegetarian Sushi using as a filling for your rice rolls seasonal vegetables sliced ​​into cubes or sticks, such as carrots, courgettes, cucumbers and red and yellow peppers. In vegetarian sushi, avocados or other fruits are sometimes also used for a sweet version. THU recipes to prepare vegetarian or vegan sushi.

Vegetable spaghetti

- zucchini spaghetti and in general the vegetable spaghetti are an original idea to bring seasonal vegetables to the table in a tasty and slightly different way. You can prepare vegetable spaghetti not only with zucchini but also, for example, with carrots or daikon. THU all the instructions and recipes for preparing spaghetti with zucchini or other vegetables.

Vegetarian meatballs with yogurt and pesto

To prepare these vegetarian meatballs they will serve you yoghurt, pesto, soft cheese not too mature, eggs, herbs and spices. Among the ingredients we also find celery, carrots and onions, which you will have to finely chop to obtain the mixture of the meatballs. You can bake them in the oven. THU the complete recipe.

Chickpea hummus


THEhummus it is a really tasty preparation to be enjoyed accompanying it with bread or raw vegetables. The basic ingredient of hummus is represented by chickpeas, which are boiled and mashed or blended until a homogeneous cream is obtained, easy to spread. The recipe is faster if you have already boiled chickpeas available. THU the instructions for preparing the original hummus and its variants.

Vegetarian burgers

I vegetarian burgers they are really versatile and easy to prepare at home. You can get them, for example, starting from a base of boiled chickpeas or steamed potatoes to be blended and mixed with chopped vegetables and breadcrumbs. Among the many recipes we have chosen for you that of the vegetable burger based on quinoa, broccoli and sesame seeds. You find it here .

Potato salad

THEpotato salad it is a really quick dish to prepare and to adapt to different tastes. Basically it is a vegetarian or vegan dish. You can prepare it with boiled potatoes or even better with steamed potatoes. You can enrich your potato salad with chives, fresh or dried cherry tomatoes, homemade mayonnaise, fresh parsley, yoghurt sauce, olives or mushrooms. THU the recipes to follow.

Vegetarian savory pie

Le savory pies they are an excellent solution to use vegetables in the kitchen making them tastier for everyone, especially for children who sometimes don't like them very much. You can prepare them at home with seasonal ingredients. Prepare yours vegetarian quiches on a puff pastry or shortcrust pastry base, even better if homemade. THU recipes to inspire you.

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