Vegetarian and vegan lasagna: 10 tasty recipes

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If you are a vegetarian or vegan you certainly don't have to give up a good plate of lasagna. You can in fact prepare the vegetarian or vegan homemade lasagna in many versions. Beyond the classics lasagne with meat sauce, you will discover a world of flavors and colors.

Here is a collection of some of the recipes more interesting for preparing vegetarian and vegan lasagna at home.


Vegetarian lasagna: 5 recipes

Vegetarian lasagna with artichokes

You are looking for one vegetarian lasagna recipe to prepare for family and friends? Here you are satisfied with this dish of vegetarian lasagna with artichokes, perfect to serve even on special occasions. THU the complete recipe to prepare them.

Vegetarian lasagna with vegetable pie

You can choose to prepare your vegetarian lasagna your favorite seasonal vegetables, for example leeks, carrots, artichokes, courgettes, aubergines, peas - depending on the time of year - to be paired with bechamel, even better if homemade. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Vegetarian lasagna with pesto

To prepare excellent vegetarian lasagna you can combine the béchamel with an excellent one homemade pesto. When you don't have fresh basil from your garden available, try replacing it for pesto with radicchio, rocket or cabbage. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Vegetarian lasagna with zucchini

Vegetarian lasagna with zucchini, a tasty and colorful dish to be prepared with béchamel preferably homemade by you. You can use the classic mold for lasagna or a loaf pan for a smaller portion. THU recipe.

Vegetarian lasagna with mushrooms

Mushrooms are a very tasty ingredient for prepare your vegetarian lasagna at home. You can blend a part of the mushrooms, once cooked, to create a cream to mix or alternate with béchamel. THU the recipe to inspire you.

Vegan lasagna: 5 recipes

Lasagna with vegan meat sauce

For excellent vegan lasagna you can prepare both the vegetable ragout that the homemade bechamel, starting from a vegetable milk also to buy, as long as it is not sweetened. If you want, add seasonal vegetables. THU recipe.

Vegan lasagna with artichokes

Among the many ingredients that you can choose to enrich your lasagna we find artichokes, which you can combine with one Homemade bechamel with vegetable milk, extra virgin olive oil and flour. THU the recipe to inspire you.

Vegan lasagna with pumpkin and porcini mushrooms

Here is a plate of vegan lasagna in winter version which features porcini mushrooms and pumpkin. These lasagna combine gluttony and lightness. They are prepared with buckwheat lasagna sheets. With due attention to the ingredients, inspired by this dish, you can prepare vegan and gluten-free lasagna. THU recipe.

Vegan lasagna with spinach and tomato

You are looking for a way to eat more vegetables? Try to enrich your lasagna with spinach. Children will like them too. Prepare an excellent tomato sauce at home or use one of your preserves made in the summer. Your lasagna will be exceptional. THU the recipe to inspire you.

Vegan lasagna with radicchio and walnuts

Thanks to this recipe you will learn how to make vegan béchamel with soy milk unsweetened, extra virgin olive oil and wholemeal flour. To season you will need red radicchio and walnuts, with the addition of chopped pistachios and sesame seeds. THU all instructions.

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