Vegan wine: certification for cruelty free toast arrives

    Vegan wine: certification for cruelty free toast arrives

    Even wine, in some cases, involves the addition of substances of animal origin, both in the vineyard and in the cellar during production, from albumin to casein, from isinglass to jellies obtained from pig skin, passing through chitin-based products. Vegetarians and vegans would like to see them banned from the wine sector, in order to guarantee wines 100% vegetable.

    Yet the nectar of Bacchus made by totally excluding the suffering of animals exists. How to recognize it? Up to now it has been difficult, especially because the additives do not have to be declared on the label. But from today, excellent news for those who want to remain faithful to the veg choice even in drinking, there is a specific disciplinary also for veg wines: provides it Vegetarian quality, the first national brand for the certification of vegetarian and vegan products certified exclusively by for AVI, Vegetarian Association your country.

    HOW IT WORKS. The national trademark will be granted in use against certification of compliance with the rules defined by AVI, which are outlined in the specific specification. There is a specific regulation for agri-food products, one for wines and one for restaurants serving vegetarian dishes. While in the first two cases we are talking about a product certification, in the case of restaurants the brand refers to a service certification, as well as to the recipes proposed to vegetarian customers.

    To live up to the European regulations and the guarantees required by companies and consumers, AVI has chosen to exclusively entrust the wine certification activities to . Thus, wineries that want a guarantee tool capable of clearly differentiating the products sought by vegetarian consumers, will be able to apply for certification of the brand.

    "In recent years, vegetarians have become 10% of the population of your country, as a percentage before there is only India - explained Carmen Nicchi Somaschi, president of the Vegetarian Association your country - our market is a reality growing, and we realized that it must be protected, even for wine, and hence the choice to work to certify that a product is vegetarian “. It is, therefore, one voluntary certification obtained with the verification of a third bodyor competent and reliable, and not with a simple self-certification. A great step forward for cruelty free drinking.

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