Vegan universe: the first franchised vegan fast food chain opens in Turin

A fully vegan, franchised fast food chain is rapidly spreading across your country. Just a few days ago he inaugurated the store in Turin and is preparing to open a second store in your city. The idea is simple but winning: a fast food dedicated to vegans and to all those who are looking for a healthier alternative to the municipalities take-away.

And so also the Turinese will be able to taste sandwiches, salads and other dishes in a vegan version at the new fast food restaurant in via Arbarello.

No meat, fish, eggs, cheeses and animal derivatives for sandwiches, burgers and all the dishes that can be found for sale at Universo Vegano. The fast food chain is dedicated to all who wish to say no to the exploitation of animals and follow asupply which results at the same time ethics, Howdy ed ecologica.

Il holder of the fast food Universo Vegano in Turin is Luca Giampietro, who has decided to open the restaurant in franchise. In fact, Universo Vegano is a real fast food chain that is gradually spreading to numerous city ​​your country, including your city,, Savona, Varese, Cagliari and Verona. A new opening is scheduled for Friday 9 August at 18, a your city Trastevere.

In the new vegan universe fast food there is no room for junk food. All dishes are prepared exclusively with vegetable ingredients and have been studied in collaboration with expert nutritionists, in order to provide those who decide to taste them all the nutrients necessary for a healthy diet.

Universo Vegano does not want to be a fast food chain dedicated exclusively to vegans. Everyone will be able to taste the dishes offered in the menu and approach with curiosity to a food choice that respects animals, the environment and health. Kebabs, sandwiches, wraps, hamburgers, cutlets, salads, vegetable cheeses, vegetable or legume based sauces: you are spoiled for choice.

La lunch break of those who work in the city may therefore result much lighter, but always tasty. The chain is expanding and there is an opportunity to open a restaurant Vegan universe in franchising. All information regarding menus, products, ingredients and franchises can be found on the website

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