Vegan tiramisu: 10 recipes and variations

You would like to prepare the Tiramisu in vegan version? To make your life easier, we have collected ten for you recipes useful for preparing the vegan tiramisu, without milk, without eggs and without mascarpone.

You will get a very tasty dessert, even if it will be different from the original in the ingredients and preparation. Here are ten recipes to learn a prepare vegan tiramisu at home, from biscuit base to creams.


Vegan tiramisu with homemade Nutella

From the Madre Naturale blog here is the recipe to prepare a vegan tiramisu with Homemade Nutella, a completely vegetable cream based on cocoa and hazelnuts. THU the complete recipe.

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Vegan strawberry tiramisu

If you love strawberries, here's how to use them for prepare vegan tiramisu. If you are attentive to the seasonality of the products, write down this recipe in view of the arrival of strawberries at the end of spring. THU the complete recipe.

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Vegan pumpkin tiramisu

After the typically summer strawberry tiramisu, here is a recipe for vegan tiramisu more suitable for autumn and winter. This is the vegan pumpkin tiramisu.

Vegan dessert heaven

Raw vegan tiramisu

A version of the tiramisu not only vegan, but also raw. A recipe that therefore has neither cooked ingredients nor food of animal origin. If you want to experiment, follow the video of Evolutionary Organic Cuisine.

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Vegan tiramisu with raspberries

Among the different fruits that you can choose to garnish and stuff yours Homemade vegan tiramisu we find raspberries. Alternatively, you could use other small fruits, such as blackberries, blueberries or currants. THU recipe.

Vegan tiramisu with barley coffee

If you don't like coffee or if you prefer not to take this drink, here is the possibility of replacing it with barley coffee also in the preparation of tiramisu in the vegan version. THU la prescription di Simone Salvini for ChangeMenu.

Vegan pineapple tiramisu

Have you ever tasted the pineapple tiramisu according to the traditional recipe? We assure you that it will also be excellent in a vegan version. A pineapple tiramisu, without eggs and mascarpone, much lighter than usual and mouth-watering. THU recipe.

Quick vegan tiramisu

If you are looking for a quick recipe to prepare vegan tiramisu, here you are satisfied. In fact, this tiramisu requires very few ingredients and you can serve it directly in single-portion cups. THU recipe.

Vegan tiramisu without eggs and mascarpone

Remember that to prepare vegan tiramisu you will not need eggs or mascarpone, but that you will also have to pay attention to the choice of biscuits for the base, also 100% vegetable. THU a useful recipe for homemade vegan tiramisu.

Vegan tiramisu with rusks

For the base of your vegan tiramisu you could replace the biscuits with rusks, which must be dairy-free and egg-free. You can easily find them in any supermarket. THU a useful recipe for vegan tiramisu with rusks.

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