Vegan mid-August menu: from appetizers to desserts, 10 tasty plant-based recipes

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Mid-August is approaching and with him around the corner the word grilled which, for those who have chosen a vegetable diet, turns into the usual vegetables passed over the grill. But this year there is an alternative, a different and imaginative recipe book to make your lunch truly memorable.

It is given to us by the finalist of Masterchef 2020, Irene Volpe who, in collaboration with Animal Equality, as part of LoveVeg, has created a recipe book for Completely plant-based mid-August to demonstrate that eating with taste and respecting the environment is possible.

There are ten dishes in all: from appetizers to desserts. There are the salty intertwining with Mediterranean sweet potatoes, the watermelon salad with sweet and sour dressing with balsamic vinegar and flakes of, the grilled onion with watermelon gazpacho, fresh oregano and sichuan pepper, the tomatoes with rice 2021, the decomposed enriched hummus, the bbq fruit salad in spicy mustard sauce, the croutons with coconut milk, grilled avocado, pineapple sauce and macadamia al, the smoked tofette with vegetable yogurt and figs and again the raw peach tart, coconut and mint and to finish the chocolate mousse, black garlic and licorice.

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“Mid-August is the day of excellence where you can meet friends and relatives in front of a barbecue and a large table. The courses I have thought of for this day are a mix of recipes that tickle the palate, ranging from traditional Mediterranean summer tastes to flavors from further afield. There are those who will barbecue, so why not put some unusual ingredients on the grill? Others will organize a family lunch, why not prepare some courses to put at the center of the table? Recipes for all occasions, with strong flavors that will be able to intrigue even the most skeptical! ”, Explains chef Volpe.

Yes, because this is a menu suitable for everyone, not just for those who have chosen the vegetable alternative in everyday life. For this reason, Fabrizio Colica, actor of the comedy duo la tua cittàno Le Coliche, and Giacomo Visconti, influencer and teacher, were also involved in the project. The couple is in fact a lover of vegetable cuisine and has chosen to try their hand at making some preparations from the Animal Equality cookbook with the irony that distinguishes it.

Millions of people have already chosen to replace meat and other animal products with plant-based alternatives. As we know, your country is the second country after India for the number of vegetarians. Alongside the benefits on the environment, such as the reduction of CO2, the consumption of soil and water resources, there are those for our health. Several studies confirm that the vegetarian diet helps heart health, promotes weight loss (if well balanced), improves mood, promotes longevity and minimizes hormone and antibiotic intake.

This year, therefore, choose a mid-August menu that is good for everyone: animals, environment and people.


Animal Equality

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