Vegan Halloween treats: wine donuts with pumpkin

    Vegan Halloween treats: wine donuts with pumpkin

    Halloween approaches and the witches prepare to return! And then - on the most monstrous day of the year when little ones (and less little ones) will knock on your door to ask you for a Trick, under the threat of a terrible trick, you certainly cannot be found empty-handed!

    Here then the doses to prepare tasty wine donuts with pumpkin, a vegan recipe to please young and old on the night of Jack o 'Lantern.


    • 400 g of pumpkin
    • a glass of oil
    • a glass of wine
    • 2 glasses of sugar
    • 2 pinches of vanilla
    • 2 cinnamon sticks
    • flour

    First of all, cut the pumpkin, remove the skin, peel it and cut it into chunks; put it in the pressure cooker, add a glass of water and close with the lid.

    Put it on the stove, over a high flame, and when the pressure cooker valve starts to hiss, cook for about 15 minutes, so that - once cooked - the pumpkin pulp is very soft.

    Once the pumpkin is cooked, mash it with a fork and put it in a large bowl, adding the oil, wine, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon; then mix everything with a wooden spoon.

    At this point, add the flour a little at a time and knead with your hands: the amount of flour needed for the dough depends on how much the pumpkin sauce will absorb, considering that the dough of the donuts must be smooth and soft.

    When you will get a soft dough, divide it into many pieces as large as an apricot and make long and narrow sticks. At this point all that remains is to join the two ends of the sticks, fmooring some donuts, and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

    Bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes, then take them out of the oven and let them cool.
    Your wine donuts with pumpkin are ready, all that remains is to wish you Happy halloween!

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