Vegan Cuts: the Snack Box of vegan products

    Some of you may have heard of it. The Snack Box o Product Box sono surprise packs that contain samples, novelties and test products - food, for children or for beauty, to be received directly at home thanks to a subscription, on a weekly or monthly basis. In the United States, the initiative has reached the vegan world, with the Snack Box proposed by Vegan Cuts.

    As a rule, the total value of the products you receive should be higher than what you will pay for the subscription. It is an interesting medium for the companies to disseminate, test and make known new brands and products. On the one hand, such an initiative linked to the vegan world suggests an opening towards a lifestyle that is gradually spreading especially among the youngest, on the other hand, it is impossible not to notice the hand of marketing and a new business strategy.

    It sure can be fun to get surprise products with new snacks to taste from time to time, but perhaps the contents of the vegan version Snack Boxes produced in the USA do not exactly represent the type of natural food that many people would like to follow. You know, the United States is the home of the junk food and to the packaged snacks. The Vegan Boxes appear then as a proposal still radically linked to established habits: better a packaged cereal bar than a fresh fruit or dried fruit to be shelled.

    Those who subscribe to the service will receive an assortment consisting of 7-10 vegan snacks per month, including chia seed snacks in your city or banana treats, chips, candy and popcorn. The bright side of these products is that they all turn out cruelty-free and that many are also gluten-free, to meet everyone's needs. They don't even contain Palm oil.

    Vegan Cuts: the Snack Box of vegan products

    Vegan Cuts: the Snack Box of vegan products

    The idea of ​​subscribing to a Vegan Cuts Snack Box might be nice for make a gift unexpected to vegan friends. Although, taking a look at the contents, some doubts arise: French fries, energy bars and puddings. All industrial packaged products that will certainly be cruelty free, but perhaps full of vegetable oils that are not just identified. So wouldn't it be better to provide the ingredients to allow and promote self-production? Maybe accompanied by a nice recipe book?

    Vegan Cuts: the Snack Box of vegan products

    Vegan Cuts: the Snack Box of vegan products

    Perhaps more interesting is the Vegan Box dedicated to beauty products, which allows you to receive 4 to 7 cruelty-free products for body, face and hair care every month.

    Either way, the costs are not exactly contained. In fact, subscriptions start from $ 15-20 a month - with shipments also abroad.

    In conclusion, the basic idea is nice and not entirely to be rejected as regards the diffusion of vegan products and brands, but we really need to subscribe every month? Every now and then it is right for everyone to indulge in it, but perhaps in the name of animals and the environment, transforming junk food into a cruelty free version is not exactly the most sustainable way. What do you think about it?


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