Vegan cheesecake: 10 recipes to make it at home

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Let's say goodbye to winter with a cheesecake type cake, in a vegan version. There are numerous variations of the vegan cheesecake. Some cakes are prepared with tofu, others with a cashew cream instead of the cheese present in the traditional recipe, others with almonds.

So even those who are vegan or lactose intolerant can enjoy a cold cake similar to cheesecake. Here is a collection of 10 recipes to prepare yours at home cheesecake without cheese and without eggs in vegan version (some call it "uncheesecake", "cheesecake" or "vegancake").

For the basis of yours vegan cheesecake you can use gods homemade dry biscuits. THU our recipe.

1) Vegan cheesecake with ginger and berries

Ginger and berries, here is a special combination of flavors for your vegan cheesecake. You can decide to prepare a single cake or some mini cheesecake to garnish with berries. THU the complete recipe.

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2) Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

You can prepare the vegan version of strawberry cheesecake with a base consisting of vanilla soy milk, agave juice, vanilla white soy yogurt and lemon juice. For the base you will need some vegan dry biscuits. THU the complete recipe.

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3) Vegan lemon cheesecake

A fresh and delicate lemon cheesecake, in a vegan version. In place of the cheese, here is the vegetable yogurt and the self-produced tofu, or the silken tofu that you can buy in organic products stores. Choose organic lemons for your natural city. THU the complete recipe.

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4) Vegan peach cheesecake

Here is the recipe for vegetable cheesecake in the variant with peaches and almonds, which you can easily prepare when the peaches are in season. Write down the ingredients and the procedure. THU the recipe of La Cucina della Capra.

: The Goat's Kitchen

5) Vegan chocolate cheesecake

A vegan cheesecake dedicated to the sweet tooth. This is the vegan chocolate cheesecake, made with a coating of tofu, cocoa, dark chocolate and bitter cocoa powder. Without forgetting the chocolate flakes to garnish. THU recipe.

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6) Vegan blueberry cheesecake

If you don't have fresh blueberries available, you can use this vegan cheesecake as a base blueberry soy yogurt. When the blueberries are in season, you can choose them as an ingredient in the cheesecake for both the filling and the garnish. THU the complete recipe.

: Vegan Blog

7) Vegan cheesecake in anacardi

A good alternative to tofu for the preparation of cream for your vegan cheesecake is represented by cashew nuts. You will have to leave the cashews to soak for a few hours so that they soften in order to blend them. THU the complete recipe.

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8) Mini vegan raspberry cheesecake

Not only vegan cheesecake but also mini cheesecake, single-portion cakes prepared with exclusively vegetable ingredients to be garnished with raspberries. Also in this case the base for the cream is an alternative to tofu: it is prepared with almonds. THU the complete recipe.

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9) Cherry cheesecake

With the white soy yogurt and tofu (preferably silken tofu, otherwise you can blend the compact tofu with a little soy milk) you will prepare the cream for this vegan cheesecake to garnish with cherries. THU the complete recipe.

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10) Vegan red fruit cheesecake

A velvety tofu vegan cheesecake to garnish with red fruits, such as strawberries, wild strawberries and riber, as well as with raspberries. You will prepare the base of the cheesecake with dry biscuits of your choice, always in the vegan version. THU the complete recipe.

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