Vegan biscuits: 10 delicious and quick recipes

Biscuits what a passion! Whether they are with cereals or almond flavor, with chocolate flakes or simply vanilla scented, prepare excellent vegan cookies, without butter and eggs, it has never been easier.

Those looking for nutritious and tastier breakfast biscuits or snacks free from food of animal origin, find here a series of exquisite recipes to prepare your own at home vegan cookies.


1) Banana biscuits

To replace eggs in the preparation of cookies, you could use a ripe banana to mash to obtain a puree. Pour in the flour and place the mashed banana in the center. You will thus begin to form the dough with all the ingredients. Here the complete recipe.

Coconut biscuits

If you love the coconut, the vegan coconut cookie recipe is very simple to make. To be offered at any time of the day, the fresh taste of coconut is combined with lemon scent and the taste is guaranteed. Here the recipe.

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Wholemeal biscuits with spelled flour and walnuts

Without butter and without eggs and wholemeal: biscuits with spelled flour and brown sugar, almond cream and vegetable milk are excellent for a snack or breakfast, to be enriched with walnuts. Here the complete recipe.

Ginger biscuits

Very simple to prepare, good, cheap and light. You can prepare these ginger biscuits without butter and without eggs with a dough it will have a perfect consistency, thanks to vegetable milk combined with oil and flour. Here the recipe.

Vegan fortune cookies

Fortune cookies in version vegan! Using wholemeal flour, brown sugar and the grated rind of an organic lemon, you can insert a good luck message into each fortune cookie. Here the recipe.

Rustic bran and cocoa biscuits

These cookies vegan rustics you can do it with flour combined with bran and flavor them with cocoa powder, preferably of organic origin and from fair trade. Here the recipe.

Biscuits with cereals

Ideal for breakfast or for a delicious snack, these biscuits are made with wholemeal flour and cereals. To be enriched, if you want, with chocolate chips or cinnamon, they have an intense taste and a soft texture. Here the recipe.

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Cookies covered with chocolate

These cookies are covered in dark chocolate and contain neither butter nor eggs. They are at the same time soft, thanks to the presence of rice oil, and crunchy, thanks to almonds and at hazelnuts chopped, which make them a truly original dessert. Here the recipe.

Rice malt biscuits

Without butter, without eggs and without refined sugar. In fact, we chose rice malt as a sweetener. Thanks to this recipe you will get biscuits with a delicate vanilla flavor. You can replace industrial vanillin with organic vanilla powder. As a levite, both cream of tartar and baking powder for organic desserts are suitable. Here the recipe.

Cookies with dark chocolate

Flakes of dark chocolate e almond milk for tasty cookies that are prepared in just 15 minutes and with just a few steps. With a little bit of oil, soft biscuits with perfect consistency will come out. Here the recipe.

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