Veg cheeses: 10 recipes to prepare them at home

Self-produce vegan cheeses, here are the recipes to prepare at home i 100% vegetable cheeses. Have you ever tried to make vegan cheese at home? If you are vegan, allergic to milk or lactose intolerant, you may be curious to try making a 100% vegetable cheese at home.

In supermarkets and organic shops you will find some proposals of vegan cheeses on sale, but with the recipes to prepare them at home you can obtain vegetable cheeses in many variations and with the ingredients you prefer.

Here is one for you collection of recipes to prepare vegan cheeses with different ingredients, for example nuts, such as almonds and cashews, oil seeds, such as sunflower seeds, and vegetable milk. You can add these ideas to your notebook vegetarian recipes and vegan.


Vegan mozzarella without yogurt


There are numerous variations to prepare vegan mozarella, one of these allows you to prepare the vegan mozzarella without yogurt. As basic ingredients you will need soy milk or other vegetable milk, vegetable cooking cream, nutritional yeast flakes, lemon juice and garlic powder. THU the complete recipe.

Vegan tahini cheese


Many of you will already know the tahini, a spread based on sesame seeds. This ingredient can be useful for preparing a very tasty vegan cheese at home. You will also need soy cream, nutritional yeast flakes and miso. THU the recipe to follow.

Vegan cheese with almonds

also the almonds they can represent one of the basic ingredients for the preparation of your vegan cheeses. If you love almonds, this is the opportunity to try to use them to make an excellent vegetable cheese, following the recipe of Curious Radish. THU all the instructions for making vegan almond cheese.

Vegan cashew cheese

By choosing the cashew nuts as a basic ingredient you can prepare a semi-hard vegan cheese, suitable for slicing and for use in sandwiches, or to serve as a main course. You'll also need tofu and nutritional yeast flakes. Cashews can be substituted with almonds or macadamia nuts. Watch the video of GolosaMente Vegan to understand how to prepare it.

Grilled vegan mozzarella

With this recipe you can prepare one vegan mozzarella or tomino vegan grilled. You will need natural soy milk, soy cream, potato starch, nutritional yeast flakes and extra virgin olive oil, plus salt and pepper for flavor. THU the complete recipe.

Grated vegan cheese

As replace the parmesan or parmesan in the dressing of your dishes? You can try to make homemade grated vegan cheese based on lupins, cashews or macadamia nuts, corn flour, garlic powder, dried mushrooms and extra virgin olive oil. THU the recipe to follow.

Quark type vegan cheese

You are looking for a Quark type cheese that it is completely plant-based? Also in this case you can experience the self-production of vegan cheeses and in particular of a vegetable cheese based on soy yogurt, lemon juice and integral salt, to be flavored with herbs in your city. THU the recipe to follow.

Vegan ricotta

The vegan alternative to the classic ricotta cheese it is very simple to prepare. Usually soy milk is used to heat and curdle with lemon juice or vinegar. Then the curd is collected in a mold for ricotta to facilitate the separation from the whey. THU e here the recipes to follow to prepare the vegan ricotta.

Philadelphia-type vegan spreadable cheese

If you want to prepare a vegetable cheese to spread on bread or suitable for making a vegan cheesecake, here is the idea for you. They will serve you natural soy yogurt, lemon juice and salt. THU the recipe to follow with all the instructions.

Veg parmesan with nutritional yeast flakes

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Another idea for replace the parmesan is to make a ready-to-use powder or flake preparation when dressing your dishes. You will simply need nutritional yeast flakes, peeled almonds and sea salt. THU the recipe to follow.

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