Valuing our roots to find ourselves

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Valuing our roots to find ourselves

Few things affect personal development and self-knowledge like learning to value one's roots. This resource can also serve as a problem-solving strategy.

Last update: February 20, 2021

Each of us takes different paths in the course of our life. Well, whatever path we take, we always start from our roots, which partly determine the direction we will take and the objectives we will achieve. Over the time, enhancing our roots can be of great help, because it promotes self-knowledge and personal growth.

Some people run away from their roots. They may not know that it is a precious treasure.

But what does it mean to enhance our roots? It means deepening the knowledge of the places and people we grew up with and who formed us; it means digging into the values ​​and principles underlying our culture. Let's find out more.

Perhaps you are looking in the branches for what is visible only at the root.


By giving value to our roots, we rediscover ourselves

When we value our culture, we accept and recognize a fundamental and important part of ourselves:

  • Beliefs.
  • Values ​​and awareness.
  • Behaviors and attitudes.

A little bit at a time, these aspects take shape within us and determine part of our way of being as we grow.

Now, we don't exactly inherit everything from our native culture, even if that's where we come from. This is why attributing value to it means openly acknowledging our origins.

The people who are part of our context also form our roots. They educate us with their behavior and with their words. They show us the world and how to deal with it, but we can also count on our personal resources. Thus, a part of what we have lived with them will remain in us.

The way we solve problems is therefore explicit in our culture and in the people close to us. Everything we have observed and received has affected the people we are now.

Valuing our roots means recognizing that the person we are today depends on them.

We learn from our roots

Being open to the enhancement of our origins does not mean agreeing with everything what they represent. Let's not forget that each of us lives life in his own way and that as we grow up we learn to choose.

If we want to get closer to our roots to know what they have to say about us and how they affect us, we can start by focusing on the core values ​​and principles of our family and culture. From this we can draw great lessons (positive or negative), which could help us make decisions.

In fact when we have to face difficult moments, it is when we have more difficulty remembering what our roots have transmitted to us. Somehow difficulties move our emotional universe and this often brings us back to those moments in the past when we felt welcome or when we faced a similar situation and knew how to solve it.

Valuing our roots to know in which direction to move

The teachings left by our roots can help us understand which direction to go in different moments of our life. They also help us to decide how to reach the different destinations.

It is easier to focus on our goals if we value where we come from.

Appreciating our roots is a way to know ourselves, which can be very useful in achieving the goals we have set ourselves. This is because knowing who we are can help us make a decision in difficult times, because we know we know each other.

Knowing yourself helps you predict your reactions in adverse situations.

Well, it is important to take into account that not everything our roots teach us is necessarily important or positive. Each of us is capable of assimilate the positive and useful teachings to discard the negative ones and harmful.

Giving importance to the teachings left to us from our origins does not mean accepting everything that comes from them, but rather recognizing and knowing how to take what is good, aware that even what we do not appreciate is a life lesson.

Valuing our roots is a path through which we will be able to discover much more about ourselves. After all, it also means undertaking a personal search. That is: our origins are part of us, so knowing them means getting closer to who we are today.

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