Valerian in salads: benefits and recipes

Valerian in salads: benefits and recipes

Valerian, also known as valerianella or songino, is a plant of the Valerianaceae family widely used in cooking. D.

at low calorie, valerian is rich in important nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C and mineral salts.

Let's find out how to enjoy it in the preparation of 3 tasty salads. 


Valerian, a special salad

Also known as soncino or songino, valerianella, gallinella, dolcetta or serzetto, valerian is a particular and special salad: in addition to being a decoration for main courses and dishes, thanks to the nice round and heart leaves, it is above all a delicate, tasty and nutritious green salad.

It is a product that can now be found all year round, even if its strong season is spring. Rich in minerals such as potassium, iron and phosphorus, chlorophyll and vitamins A, B, C, has a low calorie intake: 100 grams of product contain only 21 kcal.

Purifying, diuretic, refreshing, this vegetable is good for the liver and intestine. Versatile, it goes very well with sauces, cheeses, dried fruit. Here it is in three simple recipes.


Valerian, walnuts and castelmagno salad

Excellent and original second course, ideal for lovers of strong cheeses, does not contain salt.

> a bunch of valerian salad,
> a slice of Castelmagno cheese,
> a handful of walnut kernels,
> natural honey, preferably chestnut,
> balsamic vinegar,
> extra virgin olive oil,
> pepe

Method: put the valerian in a large bowl and season it with oil, pepper, balsamic vinegar, mixing well; add the castelmagno on top e walnut kernels. Sprinkle with a drizzle of honey.


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Valerian, avocado, onion and pumpkin seeds salad

Fresh and tasty, a combination of the most successful, to accompany light main courses.

> a bunch of valerian salad,
> a well-ripened avocado,
> a lemon or lime,
> half a white onion, 
> a handful of pumpkin seeds,
> extra virgin olive oil,
> sale,
> pepe.

Method: mix in a bowl the salad with the avocado cut into cubes, the white onion half cut into very thin slices and previously left to soak in cold water (useful step for those who digest it with difficulty), the oil, the juice half a lemon or lime, salt, pepper. Serve sprinkled with pumpkin seeds


Valerian salad, spinach, apples, corn and raisins

Sweet and delicate flavors, sweet salads that will please and nourish even the little ones a lot.

> a bunch of valerian salad,
> a handful of fresh baby spinach,
> a fuji apple,
> a can of corn,
> a dozen dried raisins,
> sale,
> pepe,
> extra virgin olive oil,
> apple cider vinegar.

Method: in a bowl mix all the ingredients, taking care to cut them apples into small pieces. Serve accompanied by croutons or whole wheat sheets

NB. Valerian does not cause drowsiness at all, like its cousin Valeriana Officinalis widely used in phytotherapy against anxiety, insomnia, restlessness.


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