Usually the most fragile people are those who show it the least

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Usually the most fragile people are those who show it the least

Last update: 16 November 2016

Usually the most fragile people are those who show it the least. Chi dresses in thick armor and gives smiles of admirable courage and strength often hides a crystal heart that reflects and cries secret bitterness, depths of deep sadness that have remained unsolved.

The secretly fragile person is, more often than not, incredibly sensitive. Sometimes a small act of gratitude or kindness fills her with happiness. However, the slightest mistake or the simplest disappointment experienced leads her to boundless despair. It is a hypersensitivity that leads fragile people to often clash with those around them.

“If you prick us, we don't bleed, and if you tickle us, don't we laugh? If you poison us, don't we die? And if you do us wrong, will we not take revenge? ... "

(The merchant of Venice - William Shakespeare)

We all know people who, on the surface, bear every load that life has placed on their backs, but we must not be wrong: it is only because they wear a mask of the color of false wholeness. They wear the armor of heroes of yesteryear. However, it is enough to touch their armor to see that they are all oxidized due to the inner sufferings, the tears shed and hidden.

Every fragile person hides the sensitivity of creatures who, even if they are wise, have a strong need for esteem. Their skin is very delicate and they react to the slightest alteration, to any reproach or misinterpretation of a context that they often perceive as threatening.

We propose that you immerse yourself in the complex theme of human frailty.

Fragile people and emotional vulnerability

First, we need to define what is meant by emotional fragility. Being fragile does not mean being weak at all; above all it means seeing and understanding reality from a more intimate perspective, from one's heart. However, this also brings with it another more complex aspect: that of emotional vulnerability.

To protect their delicate interior, these people tend to arm themselves with different armor. There are those who demonstrate a strong and energetic character and mark limits. These people often seem at war with the created world. However, it must be remembered that those who are always on guard remain exhausted due to psychological and emotional wasting.

Because those who see life as continuous self-defense do nothing but accumulate suffering.

The fragile heart that has been hurt becomes suspicious. Gradually he develops a touchy character that interprets any gesture as an offense. A banal conversation becomes a battle. A sentence spoken in a certain tone sounds like an attack. Just as Leonardo da Vinci said "where there is more sensitivity there is more martyrdom".

Nonetheless, everyone can channel this fragility in a creative, healthy and effective way to limit suffering.

Making your own fragility a strength

It has always been this way and it is precisely in this way that you have tried to survive until today. As a child, you created a fantasy world tailor-made for you, because you didn't like what you saw. During your adolescence, you came to the conclusion that no one could understand you and because of this you felt fear. In adulthood, you felt that no one loved you as you deserved, so anger was added to the fear.

"Be understanding, because every person you meet on your path is facing a battle."


You have added various protective layers to your inner self, completely disconnecting from the only force capable of giving you what you needed: your self-esteem. You have to understand that life is not a battlefield where you have to constantly defend yourself. Growing, maturing and advancing means meeting with yourself to stop seeing enemies where there are none. Now we explain how to do it.

Learn to survive in a world of pins

People reject frailty almost instinctively. Noticing particularly sensitive implies a threat, so they choose to arm themselves. However, the real problem arises when, after some bad experiences, the fear of being hurt again is compounded by anger and the constant search for a culprit.

  • To avoid these states, you must be able to mitigate hypersensitivity. If you feel that your surroundings are studded with pins, your thin skin and sensitive heart will explode at the slightest touch.
  • Calm your mind, because often your worst enemy is yourself. From now on, let balance dwell in your mental palace. Don't focus your existence on what others do or say to feel accepted. The only person you have to be accepted by is yourself.
  • This exaggeratedly subjective view of everything around you causes you to get lost in a thousand obsessive thoughts. Remember that people will not love you for who you are, but for what you make them feel. If you are always on the defensive because you see pins at every corner, you will lead them to avoid you. Don't fall into these vicious circles.
  • Sensitive people find adequate channels to express themselves, for example by means of art, painting, music, etc. Look for the best tool with which you can channel your sensitivity: you will need it to let off steam.

Finally, remember that being sensitive is a great virtue, but being hypersensitive is a flaw. Even if you are a little more fragile and emotional than the others, don't make this a curse. Being fragile does not mean being weak, it means having a more intense inner perception of what is happening around you. Take care of your self-esteem and take advantage of this ability.

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