Unresolved suffering: symptoms to recognize it

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Unresolved suffering: symptoms to recognize it

Last update: June 22, 2018

It is a mistake to think that difficult situations or situations that generate great suffering in us are resolved with the simple passage of time. Not acting on impulse or distracting the mind, in many cases, is not enough. If the problem or trauma is not elaborated or addressed, the suffering is unlikely to cease entirely, although the scrolling of the calendar pages can mitigate it. We speak, then, of unresolved suffering.

As a rule, neither focusing only on pain nor avoiding it altogether are effective solutions. These painful experiences require active digestion. This means understanding them thoroughly and acting on the imprint they will leave in our life.

In case of unresolved suffering, life it starts to get complicated. The mood becomes chronic, the immune system weakens and maintaining concentration requires a great sacrifice. Also, you happen to feel sick, but you cannot find the source of this malaise. All these signs indicate that you have not worked through an event from your past.

This is one of the main symptoms of unresolved suffering, which is filtered into your life in the form of constant irritation. We get angry about anything and discussions oi conflicts with others they become frequent. We are in a bad mood at any time and there is no lucky gesture or event that improves our mood.

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