Types of plant milk: a book to learn more

Types of plant milk: a book to learn more

Being lactose intolerant, the book “All types of vegetable milk” immediately caught my attention. Published by “Il Punto di Incontro”, it consists of about 160 pages and focuses on alternatives to cow's milk if for ethical or health reasons you are unable or unwilling to use it.

They sign these pages Luigi Mondo and Stefania del Principe, figures who are definitely familiar with the world of natural well-being, alternative medicine, nutrition: many fields of interest, even very different from each other.


The book in brief

The book "All types of vegetable milk" aims to introduce the reader to the various types of vegetable milk to allow him to make informed food choices. Which plant milk to choose? On what principles? What differentiates a vegetable milk from the other?

These are some of the questions that will be answered by reading the text and that will make the consumer more informed about this issue. Each type of milk is analyzed in its properties and characteristics, as well as in any contraindications or consumption precautions. In addition, they are provided directions to prepare it at home if you choose the way of self-consumption. 

To accompany this already interesting nucleus there are an equally precious pre and post: one consists of a long generic introduction on the theme "Latte”, Concerning the analysis of the many myths that surround it, the urban legends and the actually valid studies carried out on this food; the other, the post, a small recipe book, from the first to the dessert, thanks to which the reader can experiment and try his hand with all the types of milk presented in the text.

We therefore find an intriguing booklet in our hands, far from any form of myopic fanaticism in one way or another, especially because it deals with a "hot" topic: milk, for centuries considered a key food of human existence, has been in the dock for some years for the self-styled negative effects it would have on health. The studies in this regard are still conflicting, therefore the authors choose an approach to the subject, in my opinion, balanced and honest as well as extremely clear.

Furthermore, the attempt to give scientificity to the text is admirable (which is very rare in this type of literature, unfortunately) by enriching it with notes and citations of scientific studies.

Now, the bibliography cannot be considered impeccable (both because it is a bit limited due to the amount of information present in the book) and because magazines or websites that are not strictly scientific are often cited as sources), but we would like to break a spear anyway. favor of the two authors: the reader will soon realize not to be faced with a book on medicine or nutrition and therefore for any further information it will be essential to contact the competent figures.


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Who we recommend it for

"All kinds of vegetable milk" is a good starting point to start exploring the world of plant milks; it is a clear, flowing and interesting text that will make you go to the supermarket with greater awareness, at least in this area.

We therefore feel we can also recommend it to broaden the knowledge of this type of alternative food increasingly present in our homes, both for adults and for children.


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