Types of massage

Types of massage


Classically there are four classes of massage, with different indications:

1) Therapeutic massage (massage therapy), whose purpose is to totally or partially restore the functionality of diseased organs through specific massage therapies. In addition to the classic therapeutic massage and the TIB bodywork massage shown here, this category of massages includes lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage (myofascial, neuroconnective), deep transverse massage, myofascial massage, rolfing, Tuina massage, massage Ayurvedic and numerous other western and oriental massage and bodywork techniques.

2) Hygienic massage: aims to prevent and improve existing health conditions. It acts at the level of the muscle-tendon structures (optimizing their physiology), on blood circulation (favoring metabolic exchanges and venous and lymphatic return) and on the nervous system, therefore on the psyche (thanks to its relaxing properties it reduces the cerebral rhythm and rebalances the activity of the two cerebral hemispheres). In this category of massages we find the anti-stress massage, the Californian massage, the trager massage, the stone massage etc. etc.

3) Aesthetic massage: aims to eliminate skin and subcutaneous imperfections and slow down skin aging. The action of this type of massage therefore mostly affects the skin, in particular the dermis and hypodermis, and is normally combined with the use of specific aesthetic products (creams, oils, etc.).

4) Sports massage specific for competitive activities (in which you can have great stresses on muscles, tendons and joints). This type of massage differs, in turn, in:

pre-competition sports massage, i.e. preparation for athletic action (with elasticizing and vascularizing manual skills);

post-competition sports massage that aims to speed up physical recovery after muscular effort (with draining, anti-fatigue and muscle relaxant action, i.e. muscle decontraction);

infra-competition sports massage that uses pre-competition and post-competition manual massage based on the physiological characteristics of the athlete and the sporting activity.

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