Turmeric: one spice, many benefits

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Turmeric is an Indian spice which boasts numerous uses, not only in the kitchen: in addition to flavoring foodin fact, turmeric appears to have effects liver health benefits and useful properties for the skin beauty.

Let's see in detail what are i benefits of turmeric and how to use it in cooking, for health and beauty.


Turmeric: what it is and how to use it

Turmeric (Curcuma longa or Curcuma domestica) is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Zenziberaceae, which also includes ginger.

It is native to India and although it comes also cultivated in China, Indonesia, Sri Lanca and Jamaica, still todayIndia to produce most of the turmeric that we find on the market.

The drug of the plant is represented by the rhizome harvested when the aerial part is dried up; the rhizomes of turmeric are cleaned, boiled in water, dried in the sun and finally reduced to powder.

La turmeric powder it mainly contains starch as well as essential oil and curcuminoids, responsible for the yellow color. The most represented curcuminoid is the curcumin to which they have been attributed anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric also boasts choleretic and cholagogue properties and is used in digestive disorders related to liver disorders: turmeric therefore would be able to act on the liver by stimulating the cells to produce greater quantities of bile and to increase its excretion in the intestine.

Turmeric is also used in the form of turmeric oleolite, useful for rejuvenate the skin and make your hair shine.

In cooking, turmeric is the main constituent of curry, a blend of aromatic herbs and spices widely used in India.

Turmeric is also used as dye in the food, cosmetic and textile industries since it is stable to heat and pH variations; finally, it represents the most exploited ingredient in the sophistication of saffron.


Turmeric for health

To enjoy the choleretic and cholagogue properties of turmeric it is possible to prepare a brew to drink before meals.

It can be prepared with 2 grams of turmeric powder per 100 milliliters of water or with the following mixture.

> 40 g of rhizome of turmeric
> 35 g of combretto (Combretum micranthum)
> 25 g of artichoke leaves

Preparation: bring 250 milliliters of water to a boil; add 4 grams of the mixture and leave to infuse over the heat for a quarter of an hour. Filter and consume before main meals.


The uses of turmeric mother tincture


Turmeric in the kitchen: the curry recipe

Turmeric is used in cooking to color and flavor foods; since the flavor of turmeric tends to fade in a short time, it is preferable to buy it in small quantities and keep it away from light.

Turmeric can be used to bestow flavor and color in risotto, basmati rice, cous cous, béchamel vegetables and other sauces homemade.

Alternatively, turmeric can be combined with other spices and herbs for prepare the curry, which has the same use but is much tastier.

Turmeric and the other spices contained in curry are traditionally used for stimulate gastric juices and promote appetite: let's see one of the many variations to prepare it.

> 50 g of turmeric
> 50 g of roasted and ground coriander seeds
> 50 g of ginger powder
> 50 g of black pepper
> 30 g of dried chillies
> 25 g of cardamom
> 25 g of cinnamon
> 10 g of fenugreek

Preparation: ingredients must be cleaned, dried and ground. Then they are mixed together and poured into a glass container to be kept away from direct light.


How to make turmeric decoction


Cosmetic uses of turmeric: depilatory oil

Traditionally, turmeric powder is used in cosmetics for illuminate the complexion since it tends to color the skin, however soothe itching, irritation and skin inflammations.

Perhaps the most curious use is perhaps the one concerning hair removal: it seems that in India turmeric is used for remove unwanted facial hair and delay body hair growth between one wax and the next. Let's see how turmeric hair removal oil is prepared: it may not work against unwanted hair, but it sure is useful for obtaining radiant and soft skin.

> a spoonful of turmeric
> 100 milliliters of sweet almond oil

Preparation: mix the turmeric with the oil and pour into a dark glass bottle. Let the oil steep for about 24 hours before using it.

The turmeric will settle on the bottom: take a small amount to massage on the face three times a week to gradually reduce unwanted hair; Instead, massage the turmeric oil after waxing onto your face or body to soothe the skin after hair removal and slow down hair growth.


Turmeric in Ayurvedic medicine and Western medicine


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