Turmeric for weight loss: does it work?

The spice called turmeric, it is now known, it is a very precious food, capable of lending itself to a thousand different uses, one of which seems to be his ability to help those who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

Another well known thing these days is thesocial emergency called obesity, a growing problem. But let's be clear, we should not demonize the weight in itself that can be given by greater muscle mass or a specific physical structure, or a tendency to water retention, and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact sometimes we see heavy individuals but in good regards, happy and long-lived.

Obviously there are recommended weight thresholds based on tonnage, so that the weight does not affect health. But the real problems arise when the excess weight is caused by an overabundance of fat, which can generate numerous pathologies in various parts of the body: heart, joints, blood circulation, liver. Eating too much and badly, lack of exercise, excess alcohol are just some of the causes of being overweight.

This is no joke: excess abdominal fat appears to cause more heart attacks than smoking and is linked to the onset of diabetes.


How turmeric works against excess weight

It is in cases like these that we should rely on a weight loss program, which includes one very specific diet, regular exercise and, in extreme cases, surgery. But how can the humble spice like turmeric help us in all of this?

Turmeric is able to detoxify the liver, to help the processes of removal of cholesterol plaques from the coronaries; there reduction of cholesterol in the blood it has a direct effect on the reduction of adipose tissues, and therefore of excess weight. How does it happen? Turmeric stimulates capsaicin receptors, the alkaloid which in chilli and other solanaceae produces the sense of spiciness; this involves the so-called thermogenesis, capable of producing a faster and greater burning of lipids.

In vitro and in vivo experiments have demonstrated the veracity of the theories based on the above data: people regularly fed turmeric specifically showed a low level of triglycerides, fatty acids and glucose in the blood, cholesterol and liver fat and therefore a weight more compliant.


Turmeric and other supplements for weight loss


Is turmeric enough?

It is necessary to remember that miracles do not exist and that without work and sacrifice we will hardly see results.

So stop looking around for magic wands and, after rolling up your sleeves, empty the pantries and the fridge from junk food and excessive alcohol and, instead of consuming greasy and not very nutritious foods on the sofa in front of the TV, we plan a series of physical exercises that are the basis of our program for burn fat and re-oxygenate muscle tissues of the bands most affected by excess lipids.

It would be illogical and impractical to base an entire slimming strategy on a simple spice, even if precious and rich in benefits.


A few precautions on the use of turmeric

Spices are a concentrate of active ingredients and there is a reason why they are consumed in "pinch" and never in excess. Turmeric is no exception, and can be found in both powders, drinks and tinctures, and capsules.

An excess of turmeric can generate reactions such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhea. Specially pregnant women should limit its use.

The consumption of turmeric as a spice turns out to be the safest way of intake, compared to that of supplements in pills: taking it during meals, therefore with all the activation of the gastric juices, helps the body to assimilate it better, with less consequences in case of overdose (it should not exceed 3 grams per day).

La zeodaria (Curcuma zeodaria), a rare species of turmeric native to India and uncommon in our markets, appears to be even more effective than common turmeric (Curcuma longa).


Turmeric and Ayurveda tips for weight loss


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