Try pumpkin seed oil against cholesterol

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of pumpkin we already know many things: it is emptied and used as a lantern for Halloween, it is very good in risotto, in soup, or alone, in the oven and children like it for its sweet taste.

We know the benefits from the pulp and gods pumpkin seeds, but, since there is always something to learn, perhaps thepumpkin seed oil and its salutary virtues. Let's remedy the shortcoming immediately.


Pumpkin seed oil against cholesterol

The seeds, in general, are used by plants to keep "the embryo"and grow the seedling in the early stages of its life; for this reason they are all like this high in fat.

Being the plant world, mostly fats are present in their healthiest form for us (unsaturated fatty acids); pumpkin seeds are particularly rich in it, and the oil obtained has many cosmetic qualities, as well as an excellent flavor.

From the first Scientific studies carried out it emerges that pumpkin seed oil has the ability to lower the levels of LDL, "bad" cholesterol (the one that clogs our arteries, so to speak), raising those of HDL (the good", that cleans the blood). Responsible for this action are oleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamin E.

The effect, however, seems to be enhanced by the presence of molecules called betasterol: thanks to their component lipophilic (that is, which attaches itself to lipids, or fats), act as a "barrier" by decreasing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

The action anti cholesterol it is also helped by the low content of saturated palmitic and linolenic fats, called cholesterologenic because they are easily transformed into cholesterol inside our body.

The long-term "artery-sweeping" effect is beneficial to the circulation, to the heart, to the whole cardiovascular system and on atherosclerotic pathologies.


Pumpkin seed oil, its properties and a simple recipe


Pumpkin Seed Oil: Did You Know?

Pumpkin seed oil is obtained for cold pressing some seeds; this procedure guarantees the conservation of the beneficial nutritional principles, which, once the oil container is opened, remain active only if the oil is stored in the dark in a cool and dry environment.

Better to use it a crude for salads and various dressings, avoiding cooking, which destroys substances that are precious for health.

In Austria (especially in the Styria region), Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary it is one specialtyà Cookery traditional.

It is protected by the European Union with the trademark IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).

Its precise composition in unsaturated fatty acids depends on the kind of pumpkin used, since different varieties have slightly different seeds, also due to the different cultivation techniques and the characteristics of the soil.

It has many others beneficial effects on health, eg:

  • regulates the pH of the blood
  • supports in cases of cystitis
  • it is an anti-inflammatory
  • regulates hypertension and lowers blood pressure

It is also used in cosmetics, For revitalize the scalp and stimulate hair regrowth; in anti-wrinkle face creams and for regulate sebum production.

Betasterols are classified as phytosterols, they have a structure similar to that of human hormones androgens and estrogens and for this they also have beneficial effects on both prostate (in cases of hypertrophy) and on the attenuation of disorders of the menopause

Pumpkin seed oil: from today, let's integrate it into the diet!


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