Trustworthy people inspire trust

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Trustworthy people inspire trust

Last update: April 24, 2018

Trustworthy people inspire us to trust. They build a safe path on which to direct our steps. I am light in darkness. People who are committed make us feel calmer when it comes to tolerating uncertainty, as we know they will behave as they have already shown us.

Someone who is committed to something not only does it in big plans and big projects, but also in small gestures. And the small gestures, in reality, have a much greater value than you think. Think of that person who cancels the appointment every time you set a day to meet each other. She does it repeatedly. Sometimes even when you are already about to go out.

Trustworthy people don't resort to lies to justify themselves

The problem isn't just about the appointments you make with that person; you have the perception that you cannot trust her. She is a person who raises an uncertainty in you that does not suit a friend. Cancel commitments, find hundreds of excuses to justify her lack of interest ...

Small lies for good that, added to each other, generate a devastating effect. The effect of distrust. Lack of trust kills relationships. It fills us with insecurity. It is fertilizer for the realm of uncertainty.

And uncertainty is that silent killer who destroys any fertile ground in our life. It is quite natural not to be interested in a person or who is not to our liking. This is something we shouldn't be ashamed of. If anything, it would be strange if we were interested in everything in the same way, always.

Somehow, the solution seems simple. If something doesn't interest me, I walk away because I have no interest in it. However, some people have so instilled in their heads the idea of ​​having to please everyone that they end up canceling themselves. All for a tireless search for the approval of others.

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