Trusting Others - Why Is It Worth It?

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With these times, trusting others becomes more and more difficult. Above all because in the common imagination a mistaken belief has been established: the stupid are those who trust, who easily take the bait, while the intelligent, the most cunning ones, are those who distrust and never let themselves be deceived. It is no coincidence that there is the famous saying “trusting is good but not trusting is better”.

However, there are some basic errors behind this belief. Trusting does not mean taking the bait just as distrusting does not necessarily mean avoiding being deceived. There is a big difference between trusting and being fooled, a difference that a study conducted by the University of Oxford carefully explained.

According to this social psychology study, people who trust others more are also happier and healthier. They are more likely to undertake new projects and create successful groups as they have greater emotional intelligence.

People who don't trust anyone are those who live in real hell. They need to cover their backs with every step, because they are sure they will always meet someone willing to cheat, lie or rob them. Thus they adopt a hyper-vigilant attitude and withdraw into themselves. Ultimately, this way of managing interpersonal relationships is very tiring and generates enormous stress.

If you can't trust a friend and tell him a problem, who will offer you a new perspective?

If you can't trust your team, how will the project move forward?

If you don't trust your partner, how can you fully love him?

The problem is that if you don't trust those around you in one way or another they will perceive it and, in turn, will not trust you. In this way, a circle of distrust and individualism is created which confirms your image of the world, a vision in which everyone wants to take advantage of you and is unpleasant.

The benefits of trusting outweigh the problems that trust can cause, so a good idea is to get used to trusting others.

Obviously, it's not about trusting the first one who passes by but rather starting to broaden your circle of trust. Talk more with friends and family, tell them what worries you and how you feel, you will see that they will respond positively to this approach. Gradually, the circle of trust will widen and you will notice that you will begin to be more relaxed and even come to trust those who pass by on the street.

It is interesting to note that the more you increase your confidence in others, the more your confidence will also increase. Therefore, you will immerse yourself in a virtuous circle that will give you new strength by allowing you to rest when you need it most. After all, having a shoulder to cry on is our greatest treasure, and it also gives us an incredible sense of protection.

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