Trust what you hear more than what you think

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Trust what you hear more than what you think

Last update: 04 November 2015

"Buried deep inside each of us, lies an instinctive and sincere consciousness that turns out to be, if we allow it, the surest guide."


Sometimes we feel we have a sixth sense, such as when, for example, we perceive the presence of some people who could harm us. We usually tend to underestimate this type of intuitive information because it is not based on rational parameters, and this would lead to an increased likelihood of being wrong.

Nonetheless, our intuitive voice can be extremely useful and important as we set out to take on the world. Our brain, in fact, processes huge amounts of information that we are not aware of.

That is to say, when we have a hunch, there must be a reason. Our mind works without declaring what it does, it speaks to us, but it does not give us explanations. Of course, the world is not structured in such a way as to be based solely on intuitions, yet sometimes we should give them a little more listening.

Intuition is clarity unknown to the mind, but known to the heart

They say that the intellect is always right, but that intuition is never wrong. Even if this is not always true, it is still true that the conscience often overestimates its ability to control.

As mentioned in the first lines of this article, it happens that sometimes we don't like something, but we can't understand why. Often in these cases we are led to almost automatically ignore the information that our sixth sense is sending us, moving on.

In fact, it is possible to get an idea of ​​a person in just a few moments - in practice, only six are enough. It is a technique that is easily adaptable to multiple contexts, given that knowing how to quickly discriminate subjects who could be toxic or conflicting is of extreme importance to protect our integrity.

Emotional intuition: empathy


The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from any pain until the end of your days.

Intuition plays a particularly important role when it comes to emotions. This is where empathy comes into play, which is still a kind of intuition. With what certainty can we say that the emotions we are experiencing are real?

Over time, dealing with this type of input leads to the formation of a spontaneous ability aimed at favoring the development of intuitive readiness. In love this takes on particular relevance. While we may not know exactly what that feeling that makes us say someone loves us is, we are usually never wrong.

Another discourse is the tendency or not of everyone to pay attention to their sixth sense; the heart has many good reasons to be guided by intuition. Indeed, it is thanks to it that one can protect himself from multiple sufferings.

Intuition is converted into the ability to recognize situations, people and the consequences of what happens around us. Blindly paying attention to your sixth sense, however, can lead to a break within us, so it is important not to overdo it.

In this regard, it seems to have been proven with certainty that, nowadays, women are more able to discriminate and read other people's emotions quickly, to know if there is a fiction in place, to identify the lie or to recognize if a couple really loves each other.

The dangers of intuition

Being able to generate judgments quickly and effortlessly can lead to equivocal situations and, therefore, make you lose sight of much of the beauty of life and of the people you meet every day.

For these reasons it becomes essential to know how to contain oneself, trying to elaborate hypothetical mental situations in which our prejudices take on the characteristic of being erroneous. In other words, when we realize that we are acting out of assumptions or reflex feelings without great foundations, it is good to stop for a moment and think.

There are no mysteries: the important thing is to know how to react when we realize it, to ensure that feelings do not dominate us, but that we know how to monitor and balance them at the moment of action.


It is essential to attribute to our intuition the place that corresponds to it. We must show ourselves capable of giving it due importance, comparing it at the same time with reality, so as to achieve the balance that will allow us to advance on all the paths of life.


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