True love is built day after day

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True love is built day after day

Last update: 09 March, 2016

There are a lot of false myths about relationships and on "true love". Some believe that when we finally find the perfect partner for us, we don't have to worry about a thing anymore.

But as time passes, they realize that love has died, and they don't understand why. Suddenly strong resentments arise in the couple and you find yourself almost wanting to run away from your partner.

The truth is, that suddenly isn't quite true. Too often, in fact, we forget that perfect relationships don't exist. No story goes on for 20, 40 or 50 years without ups and downs, but for it to last, the two people need to want to build their love every day.

If you want your couple to be one of these, don't forget to put the following tips into practice!

Strengthen your friendship

Your success as a couple depends a lot on how you feel about each other. True love flourishes when there is a great understanding and a deep understanding between two people. If not, jealousy, obsessions and constant quarrels arise.

Time is needed to chat and carry out activities together. Spend more time together doing something you enjoy, from playing a sport to learning something new. This will allow you to create memories and emotions that will strengthen the relationship.

It is also good to talk about what you like or dislike about your life, about new interests you have or new friends you have made. True love must always be updated, since we all change continuously throughout life.

It is important to show that you appreciate your partner

Certainly at the beginning of your relationship you did everything you could to show your partner how much you loved her. Have you ever traveled quite a few miles just to surprise him and see him? One of the secrets to a successful relationship is to keep showing him how much you appreciate him.

True love doesn't require you to make huge expenses for your partner. More important are the little details that tell each other how much you love them. From an unexpected compliment, to taking the time to accompany him to a place that you don't particularly like, but that makes the other happy. Remind him, and remember, what are the reasons why he or she is the love of your life.

Focus on the present to improve your future together

True love will not last just because "by now you have found it". All couples go through difficult times, which can break them if the two people are not ready. This is why it is important to build solid foundations if you want the relationship to last another fifty years.

What are we talking about? Of the fact of stay united and prepare for the changes you will have to experience. Many couples, for example, go so far as to separate for work reasons and turn their relationship into a long-distance relationship. It is necessary to think about it, analyze the pros and cons and the problems that may arise, and then decide together how to act.

While it may seem like a sensible decision for financial reasons, the breakup could chill and ruin a couple, even if the two people love each other. This is not necessarily your case, but before doing so, analyze how separate you will feel, if you are willing to make any sacrifices, and what else you will miss. During this separation, you will accumulate memories, emotions and experiences that you need to be ready to face.

Value the good things in life

True love can overcome even the bad times, if you are convinced enough. As a couple, you need to be ready to go through these moments together, and then leave them behind. Many couples who break up do not do so because of a lack of love, but because they are unable to forget and move on.

If you had a fight a few weeks ago and then cleared up, don't dismiss the issue when you argue again. True love needs to forget to move forward. Don't forget why you are blind to reality, and of course if you are experiencing one toxic relationship, forgetting is not the solution. But knowing how to forget the little things that don't really matter is essential.

Remember what true love is

The habit may make you forget that you are with that person because you really love him. The things you focus on are those that are becoming more and more important in your life, which is why you must never forget that person. You need to remember that he is by your side, and why you want him to stay there.

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