Tried the lemon juice? Here are the benefits and contraindications

We have read it everywhere now. Our constantly updated colleague, the neighbor, the beautician, the newsagent, the bartender of the club here on the corner tried it. We still don't, but maybe the time has come.

At least to understand why there has been a lot of talk lately about lemon juice. Let's see its properties and contraindications.

But our mothers and grandmothers already knew: what did they give us to drink when we ate too much?


Lemon juice: the benefits

When you make the fruit salad, what do you put in so that the fruit does not turn dark? The lemon! This for the antioxidant properties of the citric acid contained in it. And, since "antioxidant" rhymes with "health" and "anti-aging", will this precious juice also be good for our body?

Certainly, but there is much more.

As is known, lemon juice contains significant quantities of vitamin C (100 grams provide more than 100% of the daily dose), a powerful antioxidant, valid ally of our immune defenses and in the absorption of iron (vegans, remember!)

As if it were a magic potion, here are some of the many benefits of lemon juice at low cost and easily available (more than that!):

  • Promotes digestion;
  • Stimulates the function of the liver and intestines;
  • Used together with baking soda, it helps whiten teeth;
  • It soothes sunburn and insect bites;
  • Antiseptic, works well as a first aid disinfectant;
  • Soothing for the feet, when used for foot baths;
  • On the skin, excellent as an anti-acne, anti-eczema and anti-age spots.

According to US scientific studies, lemon is a great one support for the elimination of kidney stones, and is believed to have positive effects on the control of blood pressure and blood clotting.


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Lemon juice: contraindications

There is a kind of "lemon mythology", that is false beliefs that would limit its use:

  • Lemon juice irritates the stomach: no. Sour lemon juice is transformed by gastric juices into a different compound with opposite properties, alkalizanti.
  • Lemon juice causes constipation: no, if subject in the morning on an empty stomach it stimulates the intestine because it reactivates their movements after a night's rest.

What are the real side effects? Pure lemon juice, if used too often and / or in excessive quantities, it can ruin tooth enamel, (affected by citric acid), and results also irritating to the oral mucosa.

In case of ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux it would be better not to overdo or otherwise feel the doctor's opinion.

We always keep common sense as a rule: excesses, of anything, should always be avoided. So, too drinking too much water and lemon it can cause an increase in diuresis (too much "plin plin") and consequent risk of dehydration.


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