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Triceps Brachial

Il triceps bracelet it is a muscle located on the back of the arm and occupies about two thirds of its size. As can be deduced from its name, it is a muscle composed of three distinct muscle heads, namely the long head, the lateral head and the medial head.

Il long head it originates from the subglenoid tuberosity of the scapula (an area on the side of the trunk located on the shoulder blade) and inserts itself into the elbow joint.

The lateral head starts from an area located near the apex of the humerus and it also fits into the elbow joint while the medial head is inserted in an area close to that of the previous head and is inserted in the elbow joint.

All three heads, as mentioned, are inserted in the elbow joint, precisely they come together in a single tendon which is inserted on the upper and rear faces of the olecranon (an extension of the epiphysis of the ulna) and on the posterior area of ​​the capsule that covers the joint.


The brachial triceps is divided into 3 heads. The common function of these is that of extend the elbow. Observing the origin of the long head, however, we note that it runs along the shoulder joint originating from the scapula. This implies that the long head also has the function of extending the shoulder, a function similar to that of the dorsal.

This feature of the long head has an important consequence: to train this part of the muscle in the best possible way, it is important to flex the shoulder by bringing the arm above the head.

This arises from the fact that a muscle is more recruited if its fibers are placed in a stretched position.

If a muscle is already partially contracted, in fact it is not functionally efficient and is not able to produce the maximum intensity of work it is capable of and the body always tends to recruit more muscles that are in advantage to make a movement.

Raising the arm above the head the fibers of the long head stretch and it follows that these will be mostly recruited during the movement.

Triceps Stretching

It is easy to stretch any muscle: you have to do the opposite of its function.

For example, if the bicep has the function of flexing the arm, supinate the forearmsor and flex the shoulder to stretch it, just place the arm in extension, also placing the shoulder in extension and keeping the forearm in pronation.

If the brachial triceps has the function of extending the elbow and extending the shoulder to lengthen it, it is necessary to flex the arm and flex the shoulder bringing the arm above the head.

Specifically, to stretch a triceps it is better to help yourself with the other arm.

The elbow is flexed and the arm is brought upwards until it passes over the head. With the other arm you can accentuate (without exaggerating) the flexion of the shoulder by pulling the elbow further over the head. It is interesting to note that the position of maximum extension of the brachial triceps corresponds to that of maximum flexion of the brachial biceps.

This is because they are two antagonistic muscles.

Myofascial release

Spesso stretching is not enough. This practice can give momentary relief due to the fact that the muscle fibers are stretched and returning to the initial position the blood flows into the tissue and facilitates the removal of waste substances.

It is possible to work in order to prevent possible injuries doing stretching myofascial. My fascia is a kind of system, composed of connective tissue, which allows the structures of the body not to collapse. It is as if by stretching my fascia you were going to work on the composition of the muscle fibers, making them more elastic and therefore less prone to injuries.

To do this treatment on the long head of the triceps (the head most prone to injuries) you don't need anyone's help.

It is something that everyone can easily do on their own at home. The muscle is placed in a stretching position, pressure is placed on an area close to the insertion of the muscle and contracts and then the fibers of this muscle are stretched. Specifically, place the triceps in a stretching position by leaning with the help of a support on which to place the elbow (eg from a quadrupedal position with a chair).

Find the fibers of the long head of the triceps, near the side and top of the shoulder blade, and apply pressure there. At this point, swing slightly down with the torso in order to accentuate the stretching on the muscle, always applying pressure with the other hand, and then go back. Repeat 8 to 10 times per arm.

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