Transgression: a sure way to change

Once a friend left me this comment: "to achieve something that you have never been able to do you will have to do something that you have never tried to do". It seemed an excellent thought to me, a shame to leave it on the back burner. How many times do we blame fate or bad luck without ever questioning our responsibility? If we want to create something exceptional we will probably need exceptional plans and possibly we will also find ourselves faced with the need to transgress some rules. We cannot expect anything special to happen to us by waiting every day with our arms crossed for it to happen. Einstein himself said that if an idea doesn't seem crazy at first then maybe it's not a good idea. Perhaps he was right, since all of what turned out to be great ideas for humanity seemed absurd at first. Einstein also said that we cannot expect things to change if we continue to do the same things in the same way every day. There are many people who take it out on their bad luck and envy the good luck of their neighbor or friend. However, very few ask themselves: what did the neighbor do to achieve these results? I have no doubt, to be able to realize exceptional ideas you need a risky project, a good dose of assertive perseverance, and just as much transgression. But… be careful! Transgressing does not only imply breaking with norms and habits or simply going beyond the established limits, but it also implies going beyond our own limits. And it is precisely this innermost sense of transgression that I wish to emphasize. Transgression does not arise simply from the desire to overcome a prohibition, but rather originates from the need to overcome our limits and our barriers, it is the need to project ourselves towards others in a transcendental way. In this moment of transgression we learn to know ourselves and reveal the most hidden aspects of our personality. To transgress involves expanding our limits, and asking ourselves: why not? Why not approach life in a different way? Why not change our routine? Why not take on new risks? In short, transgressing also means reconsidering ourselves as people and consciously deciding that we will go beyond the limits that we ourselves have imposed on ourselves as insurmountable barriers. We are all limited by these self-imposed barriers. When I was a teenager I wanted to be a writer (and I assure you that I wanted to with all of myself), but later the culture and the conditions of the everyday soon stifled this desire until one day two years ago I sat down and started writing. I wrote and wrote, hundreds of pages, without worrying if the book would ever see the light, I just wanted to write. As the months went by, the dream began to become reality and shortly after a Spanish editorial even decided to publish my book. Of course, I knew I wasn't going to sell millions of copies, and my first book still hasn't become a best-seller, but still I feel very satisfied because I have crossed a limit that I had set myself. The journey has not been easy, and to tell the truth I am still uphill, but I feel gratified by every little result I can get. I consider that when we feel deeply tempted by an idea and are convinced that we have sufficient potential to realize it, it is necessary to get out of the routine and face things in a transgressive perspective. Success is not guaranteed but currently there are very few certainties on a planetary level so I prefer to bet on what I really love. That way at least I can feel pleasure along the way.
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