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    Touch: the effects of human touch

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    Robert Maurer

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    Remember the story of the King Midas
    that with the touch fingers could
    to turn anything into gold? Indeed the touch of our hands
    really possesses extraordinary powers since, even without transforming into
    objects, we can still influence the mood of others and their
    attitudes. Unfortunately, Western culture is terrified of
    possibility of contagion of various infectious diseases or simply for
    respect some social norms that sometimes lead to the absurd, loses every
    day more and more the memory of how beneficial human contact is. Like this,
    consider this article as a brief reminder of the importance at the level
    psychological of the physical contact -
    skin to skin.

    We can start with school:
    students who receive a "touch" of support (a pat on the back or on the
    arm) from their professors, they tend to show more interest
    in the studio and tend to volunteer much more often than
    those students who do not receive this "incentive". We then proceed with
    the medical field: when people go to the clinic, if the doctor
    gives them an empathic touch, patients have the feeling that the visit is
    they last much longer and feel much more satisfied. Likewise, the
    The doctor's simple touch can affect the effectiveness of the therapy as it is
    was able to prove it in the research conducted by the French University of Bretagne – Sur. A series of experiments
    developed by Indiana University involved people who would
    had to try to communicate a series of emotions through touch to gods
    strangers who were blindfolded. People were able to communicate
    eight different emotions to strangers with 70% accuracy. But one of the most interesting effects
    of the human touch is that it prompts people to give back those
    items they had borrowed. In this regard, during the 70s
    of the last century, in Wheaton College in the USA, it was built
    a curious experiment. A researcher had left a ten piece
    cents in a telephone booth. When people felt a slight
    touch on the arm were more likely to return the coin after having it
    met. During the 80s it developed
    another experiment related to the effects of human touch with which you
    demonstrated how effective it is in convincing people. On this occasion
    participants were asked to sign a petition. When he limited himself
    to ask them to sign, only 55% of these did, while that after
    having received a light touch on the arm the number of those convinced to sign
    rose to 81%. This type of test was repeated several times in the following ed
    the results have always been the same. People are even more
    inclined to offer their help when they receive a human touch. The experiment
    which proves this availability was conducted in a slightly different way, from the
    since in this case the participants were not asked verbally to
    offer their help. Guéguen, the principal investigator, dropped some
    objects on the ground and without saying anything began to recover them; when there was not
    physical touch only 63% of the people with him helped him while that after having
    received a physical contact gesture as many as 90% of people offered
    voluntarily their help. Obviously, in this case we could say that
    the human touch generated a compromise between the seeker and the person by making yes
    that she felt obliged to help him. Finally, Guéguen himself
    developed another human touch study related to encounters
    loving. In this case a researcher of about 20 years of age stopped
    simply in the street and started asking for the phone number at
    girls passing by. On some occasions and absolutely at random, he exercised
    a little pressure on the arm of one of these as she asked him for the
    number. As we can already imagine, those women who received the contact
    physicists were more willing to give their phone number. Guéguen
    he claims that this is due to the fact that women appreciate dominance
    as a masculine trait, something that becomes even more evident if so
    produces physical contact. It is emphasized that in all of these
    experiments refers to a very subtle touch on the arm, so that the
    person does not feel threatened by physical contact with a stranger. In
    at the same time, we must consider that not all people respond to the same
    way to the human touch (especially when this comes from a stranger) e
    in some cultures this simple contact could even generate gods
    contrasts. Thus, it can be said that physical touch is a tool of persuasion
    powerful but at the same time it is recommended to use it with common sense.
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