Top 10 Muscle Foods

Over 600 are the muscles that we have in the body and that allow us to move in space with different directions and on different axes.

Movements of rotation, torsion, adduction, abduction and many others that take place intersecting different planes are possible thanks certainly to the structure that lives there (skeletal system) and which is made up of 206 bones, but also thanks to the muscles that support, cushion , direct, push.  


Top 10 foods that are beneficial for muscles 

How to help the muscles with the right diet and the introduction of specific foods?

Here is a list of the ten "friends of muscles" par excellence, the foods that facilitate the work of our musculoskeletal system on all fronts. How to intertwine them, when and for what reason.


1. Acqua

L'water is it a food? To all intents and purposes, water facilitates the absorption of nutrients and is essential as regards the state of hydration inside the body.

With a reduced intake of water, the major biochemical exchanges occur with difficulty and fatigue and this does not allow you to recover, support, move forward in training, make progress, as well as being really harmful to health on a global level.

Water is essential for the muscles, because it also allows you to eliminate toxins quickly and also get rid of the by-product of protein metabolism (urea is eliminated in the urine, but if you don't drink enough this mechanism clogs up).


2. Oats

L'oats it is a wonderful food that, in addition to supporting all the muscle groups of the body, also helps a lot lungs. The only "contraindication": it is not without gluten, so be careful to abuse it in case of intestinal problems. Aids in digestion, great for the meal to be consumed in the che phase precedes training, also indicated for strengthening muscle mass.


3. Peanut Butter

Quite caloric as it is derived from nuts and yet truly miraculous from the point of view of supporting the muscles; peanut butter contains essential micronutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus and zinc which help build muscle mass. Being also very tasty for the palate, it is only a question of not overdoing it, not overdoing it. also excellent as a quick snack on a toasted slice of wholemeal bread.


4. Pumpkin seeds

Rich in magnesium, manganese, iron and copper, i pumpkin seeds they are small but extremely powerful. In general, other seeds such as sunflower and chia are an excellent energy resource, but pumpkin seeds are real panaceas for the muscles.

For what reason? The manganese promotes in protein metabolism, has an extraordinary function antioxidant and acts in the repair process of damaged muscles; the iron it gives resistance even in the long term and improves the circulation of veins and arteries; magnesium accelerates recovery after exertion and confers benefits at the level of nervous system.


5. eggs

Excellent source of proteins and fats, for those who are not vegan this food is very beneficial. It is always better not to overdo it for reasons of cholsterol, but if you stick to a moderate and regular consumption the eggs they are excellent allies. Especially theegg whites is full of water, protein, mineral salts including magnesium sodium and potassium, B vitamins e carbs.


6. Sweet potatoes

Always bearing that in mind potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and that excess carbohydrates, being sugars, are transformed into fat that is not useful to the body, if it is conscious use they are excellent for the muscles, especially for building good and lasting muscle mass well distributed throughout the body. Excellent as a reserve of energy to feed on 2 hours before undergoing a medium / long duration training or a walk with a certain incline.


7. Pure dark chocolate

If it is not abused, the chocolate it is great for the muscles and the entire body. The only requirement is that it be good in the purest sense of the word.

The higher the percentage of pure cocoa, the lower the component of sweeteners, chocolate butter and various sugars added.

The chocolate with at least the 75% cocoa beans or chopped pure cocoa Is a great one antioxidant and loaded with "good", monunsaturated fats.


8. Almonds

Almond is part of the beautiful dried fruit family and is rich in flavonoids and nutrients. Rich in fiber and vitamin E, almonds are great allies of the muscles.


9. Lean beef

For those who consume meat, there is nothing better than a choice to focus on lean and nutritious meat, rich in heme iron, fat e protein which help build muscle and facilitate in case of anemic states.


10. Avocado 

Full of calcium and potassium, L 'avocado it helps athletes a lot and guarantees a not indifferent nutritional intake. Also great for eye, hair and brain health and for the female reproductive system. 


Muscles: getting to know them and taking care of them 

Fixed to the bones by means of tendons, muscles are of fundamental importance for our overall well-being. There are some streaked, smooth and then there is the cardiac muscle.

They can be subjected to fatigue or, in case of incorrect nutrition, they risk suffering tears, strains, cramps. To avoid this damage and to maintain good muscle tone, stretching and regular muscle lengthening are essential. 

Maintaining muscle tension is also very important for good muscle tension right posture. In this sense, the most important muscle is the diaphragm, which stabilizes the trunk, allows good breathing, influences physiological and mechanical functions.

Tense emotional states and stress can block it. Through the daily dose of movement, perhaps combined with monthly massage sessions, combined with a meditative work, you can keep this important muscle in good health.

Fundamental in the global postural vision is also the pelvic floor, connected to the iliopsoas and rectus abdominis, consisting of the pubococcygeus muscle and the levator ani. All muscles have their importance in the overall health of the entire body-mind system. 


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