To you, to her, to you, to the brave women

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To you, to her, to you, to the brave women

Last update: December 03, 2015

To you, brave woman, woman who struggles every day carrying a smile as a flag. To you, a woman with eyes the color of strength, who with a glance transmit your sensitivity towards life and towards all those around you.

To you, today, our homage goes because no one more than you has been able to make every battle its resolution to go on despite the storms. To you, today, our admiration goes, because you are able to see the light even in the darkness. Our words go to you today to remind you that you are full of love, courage and greatness.

Women with brave faces and looks

We know the face of those brave women who struggle to wake up every day with a smile despite their life being shrouded in a gray cloud called cancer. Their gaze full of courage, full of strength, makes it clear that life can be hard, but that it is worth living..

For them, the struggle is a routine, a daily responsibility, a resource, a strategy. Day after day they squeeze their strength and their will to live, impregnating all those around. They knew how to build light during every difficulty, during every storm.

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