To love without measure: it is enough to answer the same question 21 times

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Love without measure what does it mean?

Does it mean that others can take advantage of us?

To what extent to love?
Without measure it means always. It means unconditional.

Many say that the love of a father, or a mother, towards their children is perfect love.
Unconditional love.

Watch this video, it explains it to you well, in a very way plain and simple.


Love without measure: do you know why you love?

A dad loves his son because he loves him, or because he is his son?

Often, in comedies, it was fashionable to include unknown children who one day appeared in their parents' lives saying: "Hi, I'm your son!".

This is a narrative mode that you also find in many novels.

Have you ever thought that if you find out that a person is your son, or your brother, or your mom, suddenly it would change how you feel?

Of course, it is not mandatory.
But if you start a think that that person is now not a stranger, but is "yours", it's part of your life, then it is very likely that your thoughts, and therefore your emotions, would change.

And then I ask myself: why should we consider it right that a father can love a child without measure, while this love is so deep, beautiful, moving, don't we admit it in other relationships?

Because if my child asks me 21 times "What is that?" I answer calmly and lovingly, while if a friend, a father, a brother or anyone else asks me, I lose my patience the third or fourth time they ask me the same question?

What did this dad teach his son?
Ad love without measure.

Just love.

If you are a dad, loves your son.
If you are a child, loves your dad, or your mom.
If you are a brother, loves your sister.
If you are a friend, loves your friends.
If you are a person, loves your neighbor.

In short, in short: loves.

I have found that your happiness (i.e. how well you live your life) is directly proportional to how much you love.

If you love without measure, you will be happy without measure.
Not a bad perspective.

So accept that anyone can ask you 21 times (or more): "What is that?".
And you, with love, simply answer the only sensible thing in this world: "A bird".

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Ah, yeah, "What is that?" 😀

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