To love means to fall in love with the differences

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To love means to fall in love with the differences

Last update: October 21, 2015

When you fall in love, the ranks
of time they stop in oblivion,
misery is filled with miracles,
fear turns into courage
and death does not come out of his cave

Falling in love is a free omen,
an open window on the new tree,
a feat of feelings,
an almost unbearable calm,
an exercise against injury

On the other hand, falling out of love
is to see the body as it is not
as another glance invented it
a poorer return to the old riddle
and meet sadness in the mirror

Mario Benedetti

They say that love was invented by a child with his eyes closed, so we fall in love blindly. When we fall in love, we lose the sense of reality, we project on the loved one all the ideals we have about love and we desire it in every moment.

However, love is not physical attraction, nor is it living in an ideal world of butterflies and romance. True love is what accepts and does not spare on affection.

Loving is a great challenge. To do this, we need to get rid of the idealizations and start a new process that can be complicated, but at the same time wonderful.

Feelings, unlike passions, resist over time and do not wear out easily. Loving someone for their beauty is not love, it is whim. Loving him for his intelligence is not love, it is admiration. Loving him without knowing the reason, on the other hand, is love.

Time builds love between two people who accept and love each other's differences and peculiarities. This goes much further than just falling in love: between the two, the magic of unconditional acceptance is created.

Love in its totality

What does it mean to fall in love?

Find a smile on your face. Draw a morning or an afternoon.

Hide a tear that slips away. Hide our hands after touching each other.

Cold sweat when we see each other, like children. Tremble during a kiss.

Escape the mysterious glances. Wait for the right moment.

What does it mean to love?

Years pass and, although everyone thinks that the flame has gone out, they are wrong if they believe that the past is our best memory.

Search in your eyes and find the universe that I designed: this is the most precious reward in the world. I hope to make happiness grow in you, my beloved.


Being a perfect couple does not mean not having problems, but knowing how to solve them. It can be said that loving means being in love with our differences. It means seeing both the positive and negative things about our partner, it means not being blind.

Everyone knows that the passion and whim of falling in love last no more than a few months. Love is what lasts: true love is what cultivates commitment, attraction and intimacy.

Love is built on the pillars of well-being and individuality, giving weight to everyone's personal growth and relativizing the emotional weaknesses present in the couple.

Loving is not just happiness, it is also stability, trust, protection, growth and unconditional affection. These are the qualities that make it complete, unique and pure.

The most beautiful place in the world is the one where we love and are loved: there reside the tenderness, the melodies, the trust, the sincerity, the courage, the We, the tomorrow, the always, the "I'm happy if you are too ". After all, it is where there is love that the heart listens to its favorite music.

Love cannot be defined, because to define means to limit, while love has no boundaries. (Carlos Cuauhtémoc)

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