To lose weight, eat whole grain

Whole grain eating is worthwhile. The flours with which wholemeal pasta and bread are prepared, in fact, do not undergo the refining process which deprives the grain of the germ (the heart) and of the bran (the layer that protects the germ). They are therefore richer in nutrients than other refined industrial products and give vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers, polyphenols, essential fatty acids. Excellent, for example, to start the day with wholemeal flakes or a slice of rye bread with 1 teaspoon of jam plus a coffee or 1 yogurt. Or prepare a plate of pasta or rice for lunch or dinner ».

But how to choose them? They must be truly integral, that is, contain over 50% of wholemeal flour (you understand it from the label. And watch out: many products passed off as wholemeal are not at all, they are made with refined flours, made darker by the presence of bran). See how many benefits you can ensure.

Protect the heart 
Research has shown that, thanks to the antioxidants they are rich in and fiber, whole grains lower the likelihood of cardiovascular disorders by 30 percent.

Keep your blood sugar low 
Thanks to fiber, whole grains slow down the absorption of sugars and consequently regulate blood sugar levels. The same cannot be said with refined ones, which instead cause a greater increase in blood sugar and lead the pancreas to produce more insulin to lower its values ​​in the blood. A mechanism that over time can lead to diabetes.

Help the intestines 
Research has shown that by eating wheat, rice, oats and other whole grains, the intestine is less inflamed and transit is regulated. And who suffers from irritable bowel? In this case, the recommendation is to avoid whole foods in the acute phases (they contain substances that are difficult to digest that increase irritation). In any case, introduce the integral gradually, perhaps starting from the semi integral.

Check your weight 
Finally, the good news: always thanks to the fibers, whole foods satiate more. And, since their sugars are absorbed more slowly, the body has to draw on its fat reserves to get energy right away. This allows you to keep your weight under control.

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