To live is to learn to live with some and survive without others

Life is like a train journey, with its stations and changes of direction, some accidents, pleasant surprises in some cases, and deep sadness in others ... As soon as we are born we get on the train and meet our parents, we think they will always travel with us , but sooner or later they will get off at a station and we will continue the journey alone. Suddenly we find ourselves without their company and their affection. However, many other special people will board the train of our life: our brothers, friends and at some point, our sweetheart ... Some will board the train to get off at the station next and will go unnoticed. Others will make the journey bitter for us, like those annoying travel companions who we hope will get off the train as soon as possible. Others, getting off the train, will leave a permanent void ... and you will see that some, even if they are people you love very much, will choose to sit in a car other than yours ... They will be separated all the way, unless we decide to get close to them and sit next to them. In fact, if we really love them we'd better hurry up before someone else takes the place.

The journey continues, full of challenges, dreams, fantasies, joys, pains, expectations and goodbyes ...

But it is important to maintain a good relationship with all passengers, seeking in each one the best it has to offer. Over time we must learn to live with some and survive without others. We must learn to deal with those people we would not want close to and we must also learn to move forward despite the loss and pain.

When you can't live with the people who bother you ...

Throughout our life we ​​will meet people who do not share our values ​​and points of view. These are people who can be deeply selfish, manipulative or even toxic. But getting angry doesn't help, it only hurts us. We must learn to live with these people without compromising our emotional balance. We cannot change places every time a person does something that bothers us. If we do this, we end up running from one car to another on the train of our life, perpetually nervous and angry. In fact, one of the most important life lessons is precisely learning to interact with the people who annoy us. Over time we will not only become more tolerant people, but we will also learn to focus on the positive aspects of those around us. It is not about suffering passively but becoming wiser and more balanced people. Over time we will understand that everyone makes mistakes and are as imperfect as we are, and we will learn to focus on the points we have in common, rather than the differences. So everything becomes easier.

When you can't survive without people leaving ...

There are people we would always like to have by our side. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Everyone has their own station and we must learn to let them go. It is difficult, but if we do not treat the wound it will remain open. So we will not allow other interesting people to approach us because every time they do, the open wound will burn us and we will back down. These new people will not take the place of those who have left us. We have a lot of free space in our hearts to keep memories and create new bonds. We just have to learn to let them go and detach ourselves. If we get stuck in pain, the train of life will continue its journey and we will lose the beautiful landscape and the company of the other travelers. lose everything that the people who continue by our side have to offer us. When we are unable to let go of those who have abandoned us, either by choice or by force majeure, our journey will lose its meaning and will no longer be worth the effort, so we make the journey worthwhile. We must not only strive to leave good memories in those who travel alongside us but also make good memories ourselves. Always keep in mind that there is another station beyond, and you don't know when it will be the last one. Therefore, take advantage of every moment of the trip.
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