To achieve happiness, sometimes you have to change direction

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To achieve happiness, sometimes you have to change direction

Last update: May 28, 2016

One cannot hope to embark on the path to happiness if one does not learn to face and overcome the stones that lie along the way. Obstacles are always in the middle of the trajectory and over and over again we stumble upon them, even when looking for an escape route by turning to the opposite side.

All this happens because we are obsessed with the idea of ​​going back; instead of choosing a new path and continuing, our feet remain anchored to the path that in the past made us suffer. However, choosing to move forward is often difficult, as even the lightest rain leaves a mark.

Look back just not to repeat

To make the past become a simple reflection of something that we are no longer it involves a lot of effort. It is more than tiring to stop and reflect and understand that it is not possible to look at the past with today's eyes. The world moves forward and we must move forward with it.

 She was not afraid of difficulties: rather the obligation of having to choose a path frightened her. Choosing a path meant abandoning others.

-Paulo Coelho-

On a theoretical level it is easy to tell others you just have to forget and move on. But repeating these same words to oneself is much more difficult. Because we are the ones who experience firsthand what it means to leave the memories of what is still burning in the drawer.

The best thing to do when the usual obstacles reappear on our path is to leave the memories in memory so as not to make them double or triple. In this way, what has hurt us does not repeat itself, and if it happens, we are able to get out of that painful circle.

 “By walking you trace the path

and looking back

you see the path than ever

you have to go back to limestone "

-Antonio Machado-

The decision is yours

The only certain thing is that the decision to change direction is in our hands, even if it can seem like a real challenge. Nobody can decide for us. Only after great sacrifices can we feel free and complete: new beginnings will arise for us and we will be ready to dedicate ourselves to them.

Of course, those who are prepared for change are already halfway there, but the day will come when changing course will take us straight to the goal: discovering new emotions, and when we are wrong, they will come back to us every time we have overcome those obstacles.

What will remain, finally, will be a wake in the sea, the experience will cease to be an obstacle and will rather become part of who we are. The new path will be proof that emotional well-being has a price and that it can take the form of sharp curves or holes that must be learned to dodge.

“Where there is a tree to plant, you plant it.

Where there is a mistake to correct, correct it yourself.

Where there is an effort that everyone avoids, make it your own.

Be the one to avoid the stone from the road. "

-Gabriela Mistral-

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