Tips to be happy according to Eckhart Tolle

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Tips to be happy according to Eckhart Tolle

Last update: 10 September, 2020

Eckhart Tolle is a German writer considered by the New York Times to be the most popular spiritual author in the United States. In his works we can find inspiring teachings on love, life and spirituality. All with the aim of give us useful tips to be happy, to get closer to this state of well-being and happiness that we so much aspire to.

Acceptance, joy and enthusiasm are the three tips to be happy according to Eckhart Tolle. These three paths represent the strategies that our consciousness has available to flow through us and get to express itself. So, anything we do that doesn't come from them will be the product of our ego and can be dysfunctional.

Tolle claims to have experienced a spiritual awakening at 29, after suffering long periods of depression and after being on the verge of committing suicide. In his essay The Power of Now he emphasizes the importance of be aware of the present moment to be happy and not fall and get lost in the traps of thoughts. According to Tolle, the present is the gateway to a heightened feeling of peace.

Is it possible to silence that annoying voice that speaks incessantly in our head?

Most of the suffering we experience is useless. Expectations and thoughts that are unbalanced and repeated over time only do us harm. It is as if our mind recreates a distorted image of what is happening and, starting from this, acts in a parallel way.

If we don't become aware of it and change our mental patterns, we will recreate the same world over and over again.

Do you want some tips to be happy? If the answer is yes, start to clarify who this voice belongs to and it doesn't stop talking in your head. Is it yours or does it come from the primitive brain? Learning to go beyond thought, transcend it and question it is fundamental to having a full life and savor well-being.

If you carry a heavy burden of the past with you and don't release it, you will feel it more why the past yes perpetuates through the absence of the present. Stop and see if these thoughts find a place in the present moment.

The quality of our consciousness through acceptance, joy and enthusiasm shapes the quality of our thoughts. There is no need to win them or stop listening to them; according to Eckhart Tolle, it is a question of giving them the proper importance to be happy.

Thoughts are just that: beliefs… only 20% will come true. It is therefore necessary to be able to go further, to observe reality and not to be threatened by fears and fears masked by thoughts. Nothing that happened in the past can stop you from living in the present and if the past hasn't prevented you from finding yourself in the present moment, what power does it have?

Tips to be happy according to Eckhart Tolle

How to be happy? This question has haunted Eckhart Tolle for a long time. The noise in his head grew until his mind, overwhelmed by so much anguish and anxiety, collapsed. The mental voice that so much he was afraid he began to keep quiet and his thoughts stopped hurting him. The spaces of silence between thoughts have increased and peace and tranquility have established themselves in his life, offering him a new concept of joy.

His tools to achieve this state of well-being were a correct acceptance of himself and of life, without reaching conformity. An adequate interpretation of joy, from which all happiness must arise, e an enthusiasm that makes us understand that being alive is the greatest gift.

Being happy according to Eckhart Tolle is nothing more than understanding that being alive is the greatest gift.

We cannot forget that these three paths towards the awakening of happiness are united by the common thread of the present. Because è It is always possible to face the present moment, but not the one projected by the mind. We cannot face the past or the future, these areas are the breeding ground of unhappiness. Follow Eckhart Tolle's advice to be happy, start walking on today's ground!

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