Tips for educating children for happiness

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Tips for educating children for happiness

Last update: April 15, 2016

Educating a child for happiness is the most important task a parent has to do. Maybe you want to guarantee your children a good education and values, and this is good; but the most important thing is that you paint a smile on their face every day.

Why, if when you educate your child, you do not think about his happiness, nothing else will have value. Un child learns and internalizes values ​​through a full existence, in which he feels protected and enjoys the joy of life every day.

Below we would like to give you some tips that may help you to educate your child for happiness. A complex but very useful task that will fill your soul and heart with satisfaction and pride.

Tips for educating children for happiness

Never take your frustrations out on them

If you want to educate your child about happiness, make sure you never, under any circumstances, unload your frustrations on him. for his heart will not be able to explain why so much is demanded of him.

Maybe your childhood dream was to become a famous footballer or top of the class, but Have you ever asked your child if this is what he wants? Children look a lot like their parents because they have their own genes, but they are different people, with their own desires and needs.

Make good communication

When you have to educate your child for happiness, it is absolutely necessary to have good communication with him. In this regard, there are several aspects that you need to take into consideration.

For example, it makes sense that frustration sometimes arises, both in children and in their parents, as the little ones of the household have not yet fully developed their communication skills and abilities. However, don't despair.

When trying to communicate with your child or when you observe behavior that is strange or that catches your attention, think about yourself. Think about when you were children. Do an introspective analysis and go back to the past: how did you feel? what gave you the strength to try again? what made you happy? You will likely find a lot of yourself in your child, and this will help you understand him better.

Be empathetic

Connecting to the previous point, when you have to educate your child for happiness, empathy is a very valuable tool, as it will allow you to better understand your child.  

The introspective exercise aimed at finding the wishes and needs of when you were little will greatly help you understand children and empathize with them.

What games did you love to play? What was your favorite food? How did you want to be treated by your parents? How did you react to the news? Answering all these questions, and many more, will help you enter the world of children and be able to establish happy relationships with the little ones.

Give all your love

When you educate your children for happiness, it is important to give them all your love. Don't leave anything to chance. Give yourself totally to your children.

However, never confuse affection with what a child wants. Children need a routine and some limits. They need to know what is good and what is not, in order to internalize values ​​and feel secure, thus shaping their personality.

Nonetheless, a child who receives everything he desires, be it material things or "abstract" things, really runs the risk of becoming a future tyrant, unable to understand himself, frustrated and with serious problems of autonomy and difficulty in relating to the surrounding environment.

Give it your time

Raising a child for happiness takes a lot of time and patience. In the beginning, his family is his world, the place where he feels safe; for this, you must always be there.

As he grows, you will have to play with him, enjoy the teachings he receives, give him protection and affection, and dedicate yourself completely to him. Your time and patience are great values ​​for your children, as you are the mirror in which they are reflected, and the people they really want to be with.

However, this need not be an obligation. Educating a child to happiness will make you feel satisfied and full too: you will be able to do it naturally, you will always want to be by your child's side. Never forget that.

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