Tips for educating children

Tips for educating children

Tips for educating children

Last update: May 04, 2022

We are often overwhelmed by the great challenges we face every day in raising children. Despite being a complex task, small efforts can make a big difference. In the following lines we present three simple tips to educate children without going crazy in intent.

Three very powerful tools!


Unlike adults, children don't clearly distinguish days and times, so they need some sort of roadmap to help them meet their needs and adapt to the world. of external help to structure and order their life, and this is possible by providing them with precise habits.

Routines provide them with confidence, as they create a known and stable environment, which they can foresee, which helps them reduce uncertainty and anxiety. Such a scenario gives them the opportunity to learn, stimulates them and helps them be autonomous.

Conversely, when their life is not based on a routine, they find it difficult to take responsibility and show inappropriate behavior.

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Despite the terrible tantrums they can have when they are denied something, establishing prohibitions and rules is a fundamental part of children's education and development.

Sometimes we underestimate their power, but they help make them feel protected. If the hierarchy of power is lost and the child feels stronger than the parents, he will perceive that adults will not be able to take care of him in the face of problems.

In the same way, they make them feel precious and loved. Learning to tolerate frustration will help them regulate anxiety and aggression. It is important to establish limits with firmness and affection, always proportionate to the actions and abilities of minors.

On the contrary, it is extremely bad to set too strict limits and excessive standards, as well as not to set any limits.

Tips for educating children: offer quality time

The busy schedule we usually follow can reduce our interaction with children in order to meet their biological and school needs.

Especially if we fail to be obeyed and if their misbehavior overwhelms us at times, we can forget to enjoy the sweet task of parenting!

Educating children also means share time together and have fun with them, without distractions and carrying out activities that interest them, which will make them feel loved and appreciated.

When we are in the company of our children, we try to be really attentive to the needs they manifest to us and we learn to give them the answers they need, without instilling our fears or desires.

We then learn to satisfy their need to explore by letting them experiment for themselves. Likewise, let us support and comfort them when they seek us to satisfy their need for attachment.

How can you put these tips into practice to educate your children?

Establish routines!

It is necessary to set aside a moment for each activity, this means establishing a fixed time that adapts to the child's rhythm (breakfast, homework, bath, etc.).

But a place must also be chosen, since each activity must be carried out in a precise context, which the child must learn to keep tidy and clean.

Finally, the different actions must always be carried out in the same way, with a well-defined beginning and end to avoid confusion.

Advice for educating children: setting limits and rules

Children need to know what the house rules are, as well as know the consequences of their compliance or non-compliance.

We establish fair rules and constantly abide by them, it is a big mistake to apply them only occasionally. Let's not forget that rewards and reinforcements have a better effect than punishments.

Teach children to tolerate frustration!

It is important not to give in to irrational requests, not to indulge whims, to educate children to respect others and their opinions.

They must learn to deal with situations that require effort from them; parents must allow children to make mistakes and not give a solution to everything that happens to them.

Enjoying quality time together

Depending on how much time you have available, we have to try to always reserve some time in our day to have fun with our children, play and show them our affection, without pressure or obligations; simply celebrate the happiness we feel in having them in our life.

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