Tips for Back Pain

Tips for Back Pain


The primary objective of any exercise program aimed at the prevention and treatment of back pain is to make the abdominal, spinal, lumbar and hamstring muscles more toned and elastic. All this must be integrated into a regular program of aerobic activity capable of promoting the achievement of the ideal body weight.

Importance of Sport

Improved muscle strength and elasticity help maintain good posture throughout the day and protect the spine from overstressing. The correction of any muscular imbalances improves the distribution of loads on the intervertebral discs, protecting these important structures from external trauma.

Physical activity, thanks to the release of endorphins, relieves pain and accelerates the speed of recovery by improving the vascularization and oxygenation of the tissues. The same substances also contribute to improving mood and relieving stress and excessive psychological tension.

The increase in basal metabolism and calorie consumption helps to keep your weight in the normal range, removing one of the main contributors to back pain.

Tips for getting started

There is no ideal physical activity to prevent back pain. All sports, if practiced wisely, are in fact able to improve the physical condition of the subject. However, there are some important prevention rules to follow to prevent physical activity from turning into further trauma for your back.

The main advice is to choose a sport suitable for your level of physical preparation. It is useless and even counterproductive to let oneself be carried away by enthusiasm by engaging in excessive efforts.

Another very important aspect concerns the consistency with which training is followed. Physical activity should therefore become part of the subject's life habits, without being abandoned at the first signs of improvement.

It is also important to choose suitable clothing that does not hinder movement and footwear capable of protecting joints and back from repeated impact microtraumas. It is also advisable to take advantage of the advice of qualified professionals able to guide the individual in choosing the physical activity that best suits their needs.

Finally, it should be remembered that when you start exercising after a long period of inactivity, it is completely normal to feel discomfort in the lower back. However, it is a condition that spontaneously regresses over time as the muscles adapt to the effort.

Given that one of the most important characteristics of physical activity aimed at preventing and treating back pain is the consistency with which one must face training, it is good to choose a pleasant and rewarding sport.

Advice for those with little time to devote to physical activity

One of the main excuses in which the sedentary takes refuge is the lack of time to devote to physical activity. Whether it is simple laziness or a real impediment with a little good will, it is still possible to carve out small spaces to devote to the health of your back.

A few minutes are often enough to relax the muscles and obtain significant benefits thanks to simple stretching exercises. There are many situations in which to perform them: in the office while the computer is starting up, in the car while you are in the queue at the traffic lights, in the bathroom in the shower or in bed before sleeping.

There are also many other circumstances that can become useful opportunities to increase one's level of physical activity; climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator or parking the car further away, in addition to reducing the stress of busy parking, allows, for example, to do a little extra bike.

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