Time gives sweet solutions to bitter difficulties

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Time gives sweet solutions to bitter difficulties

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Last update: December 14, 2021

When you least expect it, everything is for the best. Positivity imposes itself on your life, you gain strength and momentum. This is why we say that time gives sweet solutions to bitter difficulties.

Because after the storm there always comes the calm that we long for when we find ourselves in the middle of a hurricane. And then we understand that we must not advance quickly, but arrive on time and walk calmly.

Every event, however negative it may be, has a lesson in store for us, which helps us to rediscover ourselves and to regain confidence over time.

"And when you least expect it, when you believe that everything is going wrong, that every detail of your life is sinking, suddenly something unexpected happens ..."

Federico Moccia

Beautiful things, sooner or later, arrive

They say that waiting leads to despair. It is also said that patience is bitter, but that its fruits are sweet. And this is exactly what we feel when time makes us breathe and guides us towards the way out.

Beautiful things, sooner or later, always happen to those who know how to wait, to those who have faith, to those who don't fall asleep, to those who know how to value pauses and uncertainty.

Being patient is just that: not burdening your back with hope, but letting it walk alongside us, while we collect reasons to move forward.

The things that are worth most of all are the ones we have to wait the longest for

The most beautiful things in the world are clothed in anticipation and, in this way, they create the enthusiasm that contains hope. And it is thanks to the latter that our mind will produce the necessary strength to convince our body.

Anything we try harder for takes on high importance on our wish list: a complicated love, an inaccessible person, a job, etc.

Those who wait and do not despair will find the unexpected. Strange as it may seem to you, life almost never says no, it says "wait" more than anything else.

It can happen that we get impatient, make mistakes and mess things up or that only the red thread of good luck is entangled. In these moments, we get exasperated and everything seems dyed black.

“Understanding oneself requires patience, tolerance; the ego is a book of many chapters that cannot be read in one day. However, when you start reading it, you have to read every word, every sentence and every paragraph, because in them are the clues to wholeness. The beginning is also the end. If you know how to read, you will be able to find supreme wisdom ”.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Everything passes, everything happens and everything changes

Everything we want to give life to, in one way or another, will come to us. For this, we must remember that pain is always temporary, that it cannot rain forever.

The one who resists and perseveres is also the one who will win. To do this, it is necessary to eliminate speed and put a brake on our expectations: if we rush, we will prevent ourselves from realizing our desires.

To avoid this, we need to get used to managing our impatience. Here are some tips:

  1. Deep breathing is a great resource for reflecting and offering a pause to your inner dialogue.
  2. Reflect on the source of your impatience. Don't overdo it, reorganize your priorities and analyze them.
  3. Identify the causes of your impatience. It can be people, situations or even yourself. Mindfulness will help you relax.
  4. Answer this question truthfully: is your impatience useful or is it hindering you? Justify your answer as rationally as possible.
  5. Take your time and expect the unexpected. It may be that even though you have made plans, things are not turning out as you intended. For that, you have to accept the fact that life doesn't always go the way you want it to, but it does offer you the opportunity to decide when you have embraced temperance.

Cultivate your patience; if you wait the necessary time, you will arrive at your destination at the right time. Don't rush, don't be impulsive. Manage your hopes and have faith that, in life, anything can happen, everything passes and everything changes.

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